(Editor’s Note: Everyone deserves access to water- check out this story about true love.)

After villagers in the Washim district of Maharashtra’s drought-hit Vidarbha refused access to water to a local woman, her husband took it upon himself to build his own well.


It took Bapurao Tajne 40 days to dig his own well, but once complete, it was enough to bring water to the entire village. “I was ridiculed by my family among others, but I was determined,” he says.

(The video below isn’t in English and doesn’t have subtitles but you will get the gist of it!)

When the local government was alerted, they sent district administrator, Kranti Dombe, to investigate. Upon realizing what had happened, the administration deemed Tajne a hero and announced him as a “face of determination and strong will power.”


The caste system of India has seen people born into a system where they have less rights than others. In this instance, Tajne and his wife are from a lower caste than those that prevented her from gathering the water.

The government has said it has no plans to fund Tajne’s continued effort and have not yet punished the people that stopped his wife from acquiring water.


*Article originally appeared at Minds.