Paul Watson, the director of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, believes that we might need to adjust our belief that we are the smartest animals on the planet. Speaking about octopuses he said, “Cetologists observe, document, and decipher evidence that points to a profound intelligence dwelling in the oceans. It is an intelligence that predates our own evolution as intelligent primates by millions of years.”1

Evidentally, octopuses are “some of the most diversely intelligent creatures on earth, and each of their individual tentacles has a separate “brain” that controls its movements, colors, and reaction to the environment around it.”2They are also able to display emotions and react to human interactions in a way that might be even more intuitive than how we react to each other.

And given these facts, Watson is calling on humans to alter their perceptions and perhaps, “…look upon ourselves as not being the superior holder of intellect on this planet.”3

And it’s not just the octopus, as the videos below will show…

He went on to say, “Ingrained anthropocentric attitudes dismiss the very idea that a dolphin or whale could be as intelligent as a human being, or more. In this respect, science is dogmatic and intransigent, differing little in attitude from the Papal pronouncement that the Earth could not possibly revolve around the sun.”4


Once we realize and recognize that these animals have intelligence, we are left with a profound moral responsibility: How can we continue to so easily enslave, torture and slaughter creatures of equal or superior intelligence? How can we continue to mindlessly destroy their ecosystems?


Maybe if we could see these animals as more than just blank space in the world we might be able to live in closer harmony with all the creatures of this world.

It’definitely something to think about…

No one is suggesting a chimp run for School Board president, but rather we change our view of the amazing creatures that we share this planet with.


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