More and more often, when pet owners are at the end of their rope on how to care for their furry family members, they are looking to medicinal cannabis. In case you are new to our page, cannabis sativa (marijuana) contains compounds called cannabinoids which bind to receptors in human or canine bodies. While tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the cannabinoid best known for that “high” feeling, it is dangerous to dogs. In fact, if dogs ingest it they can lose their balance, get nauseated, have noise sensitivity or worse- a high dose could cause a coma. 1

But, CBD, another cannabinoid, has amazing healing properties and doesn’t get you high. And that’s the oil that I swear by. If you go to my page you’ll get my special price just for being a friend and reader. And, we even have pet oil, to find it just search “pet” in the search bar!

While there is currently no scientific evidence that cannabis cures dogs or other pets, there are more than enough happy owners swearing by how much it has helped their pet family member. Sadly, because the federal government still pretends like they believe that marijuana holds no medicinal benefits, they don’t check out this story,) it’s classified as a Schedule 1 drug with “high abuse potential and no accepted medical use.”2


But despite that fact, humans are using medical marijuana to treat cancer symptoms, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and decrease anxiety- and now they are using it to do the same thing for their pets.

Carol Osborne, an integrative veterinarian who practices at a clinic in Ohio just wishes there were published dosages and some regulation (there’s currently no way of knowing what’s in a specific product- another reason to use our oil!):

“It’s a shame (lawmakers) don’t change the federal regulations so that universities and interested vets can run clinical trials and try to get information standardized so we can offer this. There is a need.”3


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