Zara, once a promising footballer and netball player, began struggling for breath in a PE class last January, shortly after having received the vaccine. While her family first dismissed her symptoms as asthma, her health continued to deteriorate. She suffered from heart palpitations, felt dizzy, weak and tired, and was later diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome (which makes the heart race).

Although it is supposed to protect against two common types of HPV it has actually caused the very cancer it is supposed to protect girls from.

Zara’s mother:

“Zara played football and she was very fit. She was full of life. She was a very active girl with a nice circle of friends. Now all that has changed. She has horrendous heart palpitations and horrific pain – chest pain, severe headaches and sometimes whole body pain. On a bad day the poor girl can’t even stand up. She will stay in bed all day and crawl to the toilet. She’s got a stool by the sink for when she cleans her teeth. In a typical week she won’t leave the house unless it’s for a hospital appointment. She had to stop going to school because she was absolutely wiped out. It has been horrendous. She said to me, ‘Mum, I would rather be dead than like this.’ She is 13 and she said, ‘I feel like somebody put me in an 80-year-old’s body.’ Everything is so much effort for her – she has no energy whatsoever. If we do do something it knocks her out for three days afterwards.”


Zara suffers from headaches, muscle and joint pain and has said she feels as if someone is ‘hitting me on the back with a hammer’. She worried about the future because she doesn’t know what life will look like in “in five minutes let alone five years.”

Poor sweet girl. Our heart goes out to her and her family.

(Please watch the video below. Erin got the HPV vaccine and then got cervical cancer- the very one they vaccinated her against.)

Public Health England has said that the WHO, the CDC, the European Medicines Regulator and UK experts have ‘extensively reviewed’ the vaccine and believe it is safe. They have concluded that there is ‘no credible evidence of a link between the HPV vaccine and a range of chronic illnesses.’

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Source: Daily Mail