With the CDC saying no level of lead is safe for human consumption (high exposure levels, can cause nervous system problems, developmental issues and brain and kidney damage) the superintendent for the House office buildings in Washington has had to send a letter to his colleagues warning them about the tap water in a House office building.

Superintendent William Weidemeyer, sent staff a “dear colleagues” letter on June 24th, warning about the high lead in the Cannon House Office Building.

As the lead levels in drinking water sources are slightly above the EPA’ s standard, the building is providing bottled water to staff while the Architect of the Capitol investigates the cause of the increase (the water sources will be shut off as a precaution).

Cannon, built in 1908- when lead pipes were common for drinking water- is the oldest of the congressional office buildings. The building is currently undergoing a decadelong renovation.

This is just more proof that our government needs to take the lead pipe situation in this country more seriously. We reported on the serious issues in Flint, Mi with their water crisis but they are not the only city under siege.


Source: The Hill