If you are a “conspiracy theorist” hoping to find love but you don’t want to date just anyone- you’re in luck. Awake Dating is for those who are ready to take, or have already taken, the red pill (Matrix reference!).

“Awake Dating caters exclusively for conspiracy theory-loving singletons, but don’t call them that. Most prefer to describe themselves as ‘truthers’ or the ‘awake’ because of the negative connotation around tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists in popular culturE.”1

Aine Fidden, a 26-year-old from Ireland cofounded the platform along with her 39-year-old husband, Jarrod Fidden. They set up the site less than a year ago and have since gained over 10,000 users worldwide, 70 percent of whom are from the US (Texas and Florida are the biggest users of the site).


While many might see people who are “awake” as the troublemakers in society, Fiden sees things totally differently. So do a couple of her users, Elijen and Danaja, who see being awake as “being aware of your higher self and the world around you.”

Everyone needs love but many people have trouble finding it. Would you use a dating site? What about one like this? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a first date where the guy or girl you were out with didn’t want to argue about vaccines??

XO- Erin



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