Hospital suspends MY holistic MD because she carries a gun after alleged assassination attempts


Dr. Susan Kolb, who performed a life saving 5 and a half hour surgery for me, removing my leaky saline implants, is a world renowned board certified MD and plastic surgeon. She’s starred on Nat Geo and many other TV shows because of her work and the many books she’s written. Dr Kolb was suspended from Northside Hospital in Atlanta for carrying a gun for her safety.


She has told me for years about her thoughts on assassination attempts on holistic doctors. I thought she might be a bit off until our own holistic MD friends started dying or being found dead frequently, which you can read about by clicking here.

According to the Georgia Court of Appeals, in what has become a long-running court battle, the hospital suspended her because she was carrying a gun. A gun she needed because she was the target of repeated assassination attempts. A gun the DeKalb County police recommended she carry after three assassination attempts against her.

And, when the appeals court upheld the lower court’s decision that Kolb had no case against the hospital, she lost her ability to recover damages. A notice of intent to appeal the case to the Supreme Court was filed July 3. 1

“In her appeal of the trial court’s summary judgment in Northside’s favor, Kolb contended the hospital had improperly focused on her religious and spiritual beliefs. When the committee took the action back in 2007, it had cited a ‘reasonable suspicion of impairment’ because of statements she reportedly had made.”2

(The committee told her if she wanted to get her privileges back she would need to either submit to a medical and psychiatric evaluation OR ask for a fair hearing.)

Kolb chose the hearing before a committee of hospital directors and when they upheld the suspension, she sued. In her appeal, she argued that it gave undue deference to the hospital’s decision. That deference, she said, should apply only when “a physician’s privileges are suspended based on professional competency”3 and the care of her patients was not at issue. She also said the hospital had improperly focused on her religion, broken its own bylaws, and suspended her without an investigation- but the appeals court panel unanimously rejected her arguments.


Her profile on the Georgia Composite Medical Board’s website shows that she works at Plastikos Surgery Center, a holistic surgery center and that she hosts a radio program on holistic medicine. While she currently doesn’t hold staff privileges at any hospital she is “actively licensed, and the medical board has taken no public disciplinary action against her.”4


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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • A woman with a similar profession in Minnesota was killed recently too, she was essentially a religious teacher, regardless of the terminology she, or others, may want to argue about.

    With the current level of hate against police officers, it is also easy to see for me; That, certain kabals could have ‘planned’ this attack in an effort to destabalize the government.

    Cloward-Piven strategy should be taught at the beginning offer every class in any school that receives federal money… why…?… because it is happening as we speak, an clearly too few know if well enough to see past their hate…

    #kabal #murder #Cloward-#Piven
    #Hospital #suspends #Holistic #MD because she was willing to protect herself from being murdered.

  • Jen S. Jones

    The powers that be are killing people now to make it obvious. Prior to the past couple of years, they had been killing scientists and doctors with fast acting cancer viruses and other methods to give peope heart attacks. BUT they never made it obvious. NOW, they are intentionally making it very obvious to get holistic doctors scared. As they are desperate now. This doctor needed to defend herself because she spoke about morgellons. On the website for research on morgellons and chemtrails, there is a tribute page to all the doctors and scientists who all suspiciously died at the same time period, all exposing chemtrails and morgellons. It’s at Carnicome Institute website. NOW, they are killing people and making it look obviously like murder.