Hospital goes holistic with $200 million donation


Don’t you just love it when reporters are non-biased? Me too, however, finding that is harder and harder. So it’s not a surprise that the LA Times is less than happy about the enormously generous gift, recently given to UC Irvine by Henry and Susan Samueli- who happen to believe in integrative medicine.

On Sept. 18 a $200-million gift was given the couple, making it the seventh-largest ever to a single public university. The money will be used “for a new building on campus to house the Samueli College of Health Sciences, which will incorporate UCI’s medical and nursing schools and planned schools of pharmacy and “population health” (that is, public health). But most of the money will be devoted to an endowment for up to 15 chairs for world-class faculty with “expertise in integrative health” and for the training of students in that curriculum.” 1

And this is what has a lot of people up in arms.

However, Howard Federoff, the university’s vice chancellor for health affairs believes some are too skeptical, “As physician scientists, we need to keep the broadest open mind to new ways to deliver care or monitor care or diagnose diseases.”2 We totally agree.

And UCI is in good company. Stanford and Johns Hopkins, have also added “elements” of integrative medicine to their curricula because people want it. You can not like the fact that acupuncture works but that doesn’t negate its effectiveness. Also, it existed and was used for thousands of years before a bunch of old, white American men decided it was useless.

(Be sure to carefully watch the words this video uses to describe anything outside the carefully controlled walls of Big Pharma directed medicine.)

However, the couple believes in homeopathy and want to encourage its study because it has worked for them. With this donation, the couple hopes to “try to develop some scientific evidence behind it, because it’s all anecdotal, and it would be nice to have a little firmer scientific basis.”3 Again, we totally agree.

Federoff says UCI’s medical program will be insulated effectively from the Samuelis’ personal beliefs and that they will have no voice in recruiting or choosing occupants of the endowed chairs (although it’s likely that at least one of them will be on an advisory board for the Integrative Health Institute).

While this donation will do a lot of good, its detractors are loud. Steven Novella, a neurologist at Yale and executive editor of the Science-Based Medicine blog said:

“Probably there are some people at UCI who think, ‘We’ll accept the money, and just do the science-based stuff like nutrition and massage. But you can’t promote homeopathy and naturopathy and also say you’re going to have high standards of science and evidence. They’re mutually incompatible.” 4

We’re all entitled to our opinion. After all, doctors used to recommend cigarettes!

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • How can anyone be scientific and be biased?
    Science is about an objective inquiry. To deny other perspectives and study them or atleast create a setting to study them objectively constitutes subjective bias that has no place in a scientific inquiry.

  • Mary

    First, let us FIRST understand that our current medical science is not standard science – the science of observing our environment and exploring the unknown.
    Let me explain… (capitals for emphasis)

    Modern medical-science, at the turn of the 20th century, opted -CHOSE- dropping the ball of much of known science by explicitly favoring the USE and APPLICATION of Only, or for the mayor part, SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS that they could PATENT for all uses and ANY and ALL diseases. Consequently, naturally occurring substances were illegalized for use in treating disease. AND the mayor reason they are not publicly and widely known.

    This is of mayor importance !!! And makes all the difference in this debate of conventional vs holistic….. of conventional medicine science vs science.

    THAT “synthetic” DECISION has narrowed the perspective of the TRUE scientific observer in 4 mayor ways:
    1. By the narrow focus on the SOLE use of manmade SYNTHETIC chemicals mimicking naturally created substances on Earth the act of which EXCLUDES all other natural COMPOUNDS available . Does this sound like sound science?
    2. Further narrowing that perspective of using solely synthetics, where to CREATE a synthetic to begin with requires narrowing further their selection AWAY FROM those selected NATURALLY DESIGNED COMPOUNDS. In other words, synthetics do not mimic the entire natural compound as found in and executed by nature. Synthetics are created by the manipulated extraction from a natural compound of ONE of its substances/chemicals that is believed to be the most active of those that work together present in that compound, and THEN synthetically changing them physically in an atomic level.
    3. By deciding to create manmade synthetics, and extracting handfuls of substances away from their synergistic compounds to do so…. medicine EXCLUDES from treatment the rest of abundant nature and her deliberate and intentional engineering designed for the repair, and survival of our biological bodies.
    4. The above 3 decisions in turn are what SHAPE the resulting medical “scientific observation”…. “medical scientific inquiry”….. to the rest of medical endeavors. The observation has been compromised. It forces them to sift and sort through the existing science and ANY NEW SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE – the remaining of which, not confirming to their synthetics decree, will never be chosen for journal publication.

    The above 4 decisions themselves oppose the foundation of science itself!!! ALL other valuable and observed and tested information on science, BY SCIENCE, NOT conforming to those 4 decisions by medicine are EXCLUDED FROM APPLIED MEDICINE.

    Does that sound like sound objective science??


    That is the most deliberate subjective science one can imagine.

    And so how will this affect the medical scientific inquiries into homeopathy and other known natural modalities??

    The millennia of humans’ exploring and self testing his environments has culminated in bodies of plant and technical knowledge around the world which have been initially studied by “science” but now ignored by conventional medical science – and YET KNOWLEDGE USED BY THEM TO EXTRACT THOSE SOLE MOLECULES FROM NATURALLY EXISTING COMPOUNDS TO THEN TRANSFORM INTO SYNTHETICS.

    Medical “science” then is guilty of SELECTING from the whole of SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that which it favors to include as medicine…. and JUNKING THE REST.

    Our medicine then applies these transformed chemicals (synthetics) never seen by nature to diseases and this PRODUCING ADDED REACTIONS THAT CANNOT BE PREDICTED, AND MANY REACTIONS NOT KNOWN DUE TO THEIR CHANGED MOLECULES.

    Colonial man when arriving in the west journaled how healthy and robust these “poor, uncivilized barbarians and savages” were found to be. They also found that they possessed every NATURAL medicine available to CURE every disease known by them.

    Man, not doctors, for doctor is simply a name to him who studies the human body and the effects of nature upon it, has travelled around the world learning of indigenous medicines and bodies of knowledge, as Botany and herbology, that have WORKED for millennia.

    So what will our medical science (versus science) be studying to provide evidence to the effectiveness of homeopathy?


    Synthetics are NEVER used in true natural holistic medicine.

    The “science” of synthetics cannot be applied to a system whose foundation rests on the natural chemical reactions of naturally engineered substances. Holistic do not isolate molecules and change their electrons structurally, but rather the opposite. They use them as engineered by nature and in some cases very minimally naturally changed, but not synthetically.

    Synthetics is the changing of a molecule where for instance the electrons are in different locations structurally, as opposed to the original natural molecule. Same number, different locations. It is this which then causes the molecule to react differently than the original. And thus the side effects otherwise not had. Side effects are the attempt of nature trying to make sense of what it never has seen, and so they may be unpredictable as well. Chemists call synthetics “identical” to their originals – but think – how could this be? If they required a change, then what can be identical about then? Is change not change? Are we manipulating vocabulary and definitions??

    And so a 5th biased issue is produced….

    The science that medicine applies is solely based on their synthetic paradigm whose application is based on, not the evaluation of the body as to WHAT is changing it toward disease….. but on what SYNTHETIC can be found to apply to change the EFFECTS of WHAT is changing the body.

    That is purely moronic.

    Natural medicine does not work that way. The paradigms are in conflict. So medicine’s results will mostly not provide the needed “evidence” for natural.


    Do you feel better?
    Does disease show?
    Are you healed?

    I did and do.
    It stopped showing.
    Yes. …. until I go against nature again.

    Give me all the quacks you want if that defines quackery !!!!