(Editor’s note: This doctor was stabbed to death at a clinic called “Holistic Psychiatrist Services” and was a holistic psychiatrist through and through. We cannot release the name at this time until family members are notified. Update: An arrest has been made of a suspect at the local Wichita Country Club.)


On Wednesday morning (09/13/2017) around 7:22 a.m., officers in Wichita, Kansas received a call about someone being “cut”. Upon arriving at the scene, police found 57-year-old, Dr. Achutha Reddy, with multiple stab wounds. He died of his injuries.

About 20 minutes after the “cutting” call came in, police received a call about a “suspicious character” at the Wichita Country Club who had blood on his person. Police arrived at the club and arrested Dr. Reddy’s 21-year-old client, Umar Dutt, for the murder. 1

Dutt had been in the doctor’s office earlier in the day and some kind of disturbance had taken place. In fact, it was so loud that an office manager went in to see what was going on, only to find Dutt attacking Reddy. She attempted to stop the attack, which allowed Reddy to flee from his office. However, Dutt then chased Dr. Reddy out of the business and into the alley where the second assault occurred.2

Our hearts are so heavy for his family, friends and clients. Rest in peace doctor.

Click here to read the long (and sadly still partial) list of all the holisitic doctors killed in the last couple of years. We will soon have the list fully updated. Thank you for your patience. 

XO- Erin

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