ABC: Holistic Doctor Found Dead In His Natural Health Clinic, Police Investigate as Homicide


Police have now confirmed that they are treating the death of 59-year-old old Dr. Juan Gonzalez, a board certified holistic doctor, as a homicide; he was found dead in his natural health clinic. I have been contacted by immediate family members, patients, and friends regarding his death. He was well loved. Our heart goes out to all of them.

Patients have emailed (and even posted in the comments below) that Dr. Gonzalez was treating cancer patients—successfully. In fact, he had (allegedly) asked a few to testify, as he had some upcoming court dates, apparently for treating said cancer patients. As we all know, the government doesn’t like holistic doctors treating cancer patients.

If you click here, you can access the full list of 70+ doctors and their stories, who have been found dead in the last year and a half. Just this last week 48 Hours and Criminal Minds (both on CBS national television) quoted my site and this uninteded series. Sadly, neither named my site (I’m not surprised), as that would give the people too much info. My mission is not to let their stories die.

Dr. Juan Sanchez Gonzalez had a business degree from WKU and multiple degrees in naturopathic medicine. He retired from the United States Army, with his last assignment at Fort Knox, Kentucky, but appears to have had a thriving practice with many loving patients who are now mourning his death online.

The building where Dr Gonzalez’ body was found. Police are investigating, calling him a victim and stating it is “suspicious in nature

Since arriving on the scene on Friday night, the Bowling Green Police Department have released few details. We know that detectives were called to the business at 1022 31-W Bypass for a welfare check, and found a man dead inside the building upon arrival. They’ve finally released the name and it’s being treated as a murder.

“Usually I’ll park in the back in the mornings, but today I wanted to park a little bit closer, so it’s definitely going to make me and probably everyone else in the area a little bit more cautious and aware,” said Alicia Jones, who works at Robertson Auto Sales.

Businesses say that owner, Dr. Juan Gonzalez, has a car that hasn’t moved from the scene since the incident, but they know little of the owner beyond that.

Many owners in the area weren’t at work when the police arrived on scene due to the late hour, but on Saturday, Jones told 13-News that the daylight didn’t do much to erase her uneasy feeling. “It was alarming when I found out what was going on, but hopefully it will get resolved soon [along with] the mystery of what happened and why.”

Our heart goes out to his family and friends. We truly hope they discover who killed this holistic doctor whose patients rave about him.

XO Erin Elizabeth

Please click here to visit the good doctor’s website, which shows his many credentials and degrees as well.

SOURCE: ABC and Bowling Green Daily News 

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Erin Elizabeth


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    It appears that holistic doctors are headed for the endangered species list. This is becoming statistically impossible and with the breaking news of vaccine contamination which appears not to be accidental a list of suspects is emerging.

  • medicis

    if i knew which group was responsible for these murders…….. I would do my utmost to bring them to justice. They deserve death without chance of parole. Got it? That is what Murder 1 entails.
    And on edit: Money from the eugenist crowd is spent this way… they need to have capitol puinishment as well. …. Do we have the stamina to provide it? Yes We the People Do. Heaven will not help them when we figure out who they are! There is price for planning the murder of mass numbers of the People.

  • Rae

    They better really look into this too many of them are dying why because they are finding cures I am so sorry to hear about his death may you rest in peace God bless his family

  • Lizaroo

    My hubby ‘n I just found out of Dr. Juan and are having difficulty processing this. We have been blessed to be patients/friends of Dr. Juan for 1-1/2 years. He was genuinely a loving caring dr. and has helped us greatly. We planned to see him this Wed. or Fri. for our follow up appt. as he has helped my husband treat cancer and my various health issues. He called us recently stating he was being summoned for treating cancer patients and asked if we would come to testify in case he needed us. We readily agreed as we have had positive results under his care. A truly knowledgeable, caring, loving human being. Our loss is heavens gain. Prayers for his family and fellow patients.
    Lizaroo, White House, Tenn.

  • Erwin Alber

    “We are saddened to say that authorities are treating Dr. Gonzalez’ death as a HOMICIDE.”

    It would in my opinion be even sadder if they WEREN’T treating his death as a homicide if all the signs are indicating that it IS a homicide.

  • luz

    I personally knew Dr. Gonzales,and have been treated very kindly by him..lately we took a friend to see him ,hoping he could offer some answers and help…and he did just that ,spending hours talking with us as we were his last patients for the evening …we talked everything from life,to death, to the healing properties in the thoughts and words spoken……..The evil that has been done cannot be ignored,,,,,,he was so kind,caring,helpful,and loving! I just can’t believe this! It is such a shock,,but we will not soon forget you,doctor,,,or all the goodness you taught us,and the love you have sown!
    The front of his car had a plate, that reads,,’BE LOVE’,….and thats who he was!
    Im so sad!

  • Justin Thought

    Cures are not permitted. Only “treatment”–which is defined as long-term (lifetime) poisoning of the system which facilitates further treatment–of course with the obligatory lifetime revenue stream. Listen to Dr. Jennifer Daniels Sundays, 7:00 pm eastern time, Republic Broadcasting Network. But only if you can handle the truth.

  • Jaydogg1984

    Must have some dirt on Hillary.

  • Jo Ann Henderson

    OMG! God bless his family and friends.

  • Gov conspirancy

    They are killing all of them, the FBI, the goverment is not doing anything about it.
    Its 60 doctors not 60 animals.
    This is something the FBI and CIA is aware why they dont do it??
    Im gona have to believe that this agencies work and belong to the elites and not to the goverment and the prople.
    Who know if its coming from CIA itself.
    Everytime something happen to this doctors, they have some sort of issues with FDA or goverment agencies before.
    Brad street and many others.
    How is a criminal act to treat cancer with natural products???
    This is the reason why none of the deadly and cronic diseases have a cure, every time there is strong movement that can posibly lead to real findings they kill them, it doesnt matter if it work for the Nih or if its and hiv or cancer researcher or a holistic doctor.
    They kill them!!
    The goverment doesnt do nothing!!!
    Look what just came up now in the wiki leaks about the Cia, they dont care about terrorism, probably they are the ined that do terrorism,they care about this spying on citizens to maintain their little secreats protected.
    The elites little secreats about illness their real causes and treatments.
    Investigatiors of some of this murders are saying this murders come from a highly trained military individuals with resourses probably never seen before to execute such a perfect murders.

  • Gov conspirancy

    Maybe hilary and obama that joined her in her globalist agenda, has something to do with this.
    I wouldnt be surprise, in obama administration all the rates of cronic deadly illness have ten fold, cancer more than ever, autism, ms, cfs, fybro..many others.
    They all come from immune disregulation and gene mutation.
    They are probsbly behind this carnish woth us citizen doctors and the people.

  • Beth Super

    It’s time for the doctors to put these “treatments” on the social media sites for all to see!

  • Lynnandj Blankenship

    A man was charged with the doctors murder. His wife was treated by the “Doctor”, apparently the holistic medicines were toxic; leading to her premature death. In Jan. the man of the wife filed a civil suit. Sad story for all involved.

  • Nina Marrocco

    Every Life is precious Humans AND Animal’s alike and every one should be Protected. I don’t know why this isnt sent into every news agency out there in the MEDIA!! This NEEDS to be Posted EVERYWHERE!!! They are investigating this one, REALLY!!! ALL Need to be Investigated!!!! POST POST POST EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • Karen

    Follow the money. It’s not the government. Big Pharma has billions to lose.

  • Mike Allan

    A highly effective cancer treatment is not a threat to ”Big Pharma.” They will gladly do some kind of technology transfer licensing, or whatever business arrangement makes the most sense, help the “start up entity” develop it and make major profits if it’s proven to work.

  • Mike Allan

    Gilead has already provided a painless cure (sofosbuvir+velpatasvir) for the average hep C patient. Now they’re going after the final pocket of patients who are the toughest to treat. The big biotech ($GILD) has shown that its triple cocktail of sofosbuvir+velpatasvir and the experimental GS-9857 proved to be 99% effective in treating genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 among patients who had failed a slate of currently available direct-acting antivirals. It’s now being put through its paces in a late-stage program.

  • Justin Thought

    Dr. Daniels, whom I mentioned above, has done exactly that. A cure (but
    you can’t say that word) for many things has existed for ages. But, of
    course, it has been demonized as a horrible poison. Go to Republic
    Broadcasting (dot-org) and follow the show hosts to Dr. D’s website. It
    must be effective–she’s been run out of the U.S.

  • BlueBarium

    Fake doctor with fake degree from Trinity School of natural health, which is a fake, non-accredited bullshit diploma mill. He was practicing medicine without a license. Gonzalez was NOT a naturopath. He was a fraud.

    He killed the wife of the suspect, with his phony and ignorant treatments. And charged the family $7,000 for the abuse.

    Spare me the fawning, alarmist coverage. Gonzalez was a criminal and fraud.

  • kyle893

    You have any more information? You structured your comment like a shill would. Vague, vitriolic, and dismissive. What was he using on the patient that was toxic?

  • BlueBarium

    Go look up Trinity. its a fake university. its not accredited. People with “degrees” from Trinity cannot be licensed as naturopaths, even in states where NDs are licensed! I support natural medicine, but Gonzalez was a fraud. He was practicing medicine without a license, in the worst possible way.

  • Carla

    This society is so hypocritical when giving U.S. Citizens quality health care. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2006. I had some knowledge about holistic medicine at the time but not like I do now. I took the stem cell treatment with intense chemo therapy and almost lost my life. I relapsed January 2016 and I continue to search for an alternative or naturopathic practitioner, cures with natural medicine. I would have welcome Dr. Sanchez Gonzales treatment because from the number of clients, which he cured from their cancers is proof enough for me he was a dedicated natural doctor, which loved his clients enough to give them a second chance on life. Compared to many conventional oncologist,which offer their clients deadly chemo, radiation, or surgery only for the cancer to relapse later or killing their patients while the health administrations make their doctors feel they did the best they could to save their patients. When the true facts be told, families are allowed to see their love ones suffer intensely through the use of toxic chemo, radiation, and surgery coupled with fenced in doom and gloom future. Yes, I would have been glad to have known such a God given doctor. Yes, this action is a shame before God.

  • BlueBarium

    I agree that much cancer treatment today is a scam. But Juan Gonzalez was not properly educated in natural medicine and he deceptively misrepresented his knowledge and experience. He should not have been practicing medicine.


    The video above was just made unavailable!!!!!!!!!!

  • gaylep

    You can’t license natural supplements.

  • Omayra Mangual

    Since when you need a license to heal people NATURALLY. Many Medical doctors who practice so called “medicine” are frauds. MD doctors kill more people every year (120,000) than guns do.That’s a FACT.

  • Omayra Mangual

    Well said!

  • Linda Nitzschke

    Check out the Hallelujah Diet. They have great reference material and the best supplements you can buy (and run sales quite often, esp. around Holidays). They also have a bit of an association with The Oasis of Hope which is in Tijuana, Mexico, and they’re curing 50% of patients with cancer (even stage IV), many or most of them after having gone thru the toxic medical treatments in the U.S. and whose doctors here have given up on them.

    I now personally know of a young lady who, at the age of 11, was diagnosed with a brainstem tumor who went to The Oasis of Hope after doctors here refused to treat her and who said that if they operated, she would be left a vegetable. They did stem cell treatment at The Oasis of Hope and, today, at the age of 17, has no trace of a tumor left. I believe the Oasis does consults over the phone, too, if you want more info before deciding how to proceed. This is where I would go to be treated, no matter the problem or how severe or what doctors in the U.S. told me.

    By the way, I was a medical transcriptionist for the last 13 years (finally got to retire a couple months ago), so I know just a wee bit about the futility of the toxic treatments given in this country. Did you know left-over mustard gas from WWI was used to make chemotherapy? Did you know why they so often have to switch cancer patients from one chemotherapy to another? It’s because the cancer eventually starts to feed off the chemotherapy!!

    Good luck to you!

  • joelfarm

    Sad to say but I would not be surprised if assault on alternative medical advocates, both in the field itself and proponents in general was not even more extensive than murder. Financial attacks, public ridicule and outright threats have to be expected when your adversary is big-pharma and government regulators who have the power to inflict unimaginable injury to their opponents in terrible ways.
    My heart goes out to those noble doctors and their families who sacrificed so much for so many years to attempt, in their own ways, to counter the blind ambitions of profit over wellness. As well, the journalists and public advocates who have attempted to enlighten the general public on these issues should. as well, be forewarned to watch over their own safety, as this attempt to neutralize natural healers will, I am afraid, continue.

  • Kareem Kandil

    I have to agree with Blue here. As someone who completed my MD before starting the ND program at an accredited naturopathic medical school (NUHS), i find it quite frustrating when unlicensable traditional naturopaths who took a 6 week online course call themselves “board certified naturopathic doctors” whereas licensable NDs have to attend a 4 year medical school like MDs, DO’s and DC’s with the first 2 years covering the same basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, immunology, lab diagnosis and histology before moving on to the ND curriculum of botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, intro to TCM, and physical medicine followed by a 1 year supervised internship and passing of NPLEX parts 1 and 2 before we can be licensed. The murder is a tragedy regardless, but unlicensable “ND’s” who masquerade as licensed physicians often lack sufficient training and many times harm or kill patients making the entire profession of licensable ND’s as well as other natural and holistic healers look bad by comparison. It would be much better if they stuck with the designation of “traditional naturopath” (TN) or even “natural health/medicine consultant” (NHC/NMC). Then again the problem with these online diploma mills is the lack of standards and the fact that they go down ad quickly as they pop up (Clayton “university” anyone?)