Holistic Dr Andy Cutler Dies of Apparent Heart Attack. Rest in Peace


It brings me no joy to announce the death of yet another holistic doctor, especially one who played such a vital part in the autism world and overall health community.

I was a member of several Andy Cutler groups online for chelation and the Andy Cutler protocol. We were humbled to know Andy and learn from him while we could.

While we might not have seen eye to eye on everything including the medical doctors in my life disagreeing with his protocol, I still respect him tremendously and what a super kid man he was.

My heart goes out to his family and friends.

The only information we have right now is that he died from an apparent heart attack. We will let you know more as we are updated.

Please see the memorial written below about Dr. Andy Cutler from his group.

From a Facebook group I’m a member of:

Andrew Hall Cutler 1956-2017

“It is with deepest regret and sorrow that the Administrators & Moderators of ACCSG must inform our members of the death of Andy. It is thought that a heart attack took him July 29th in Seattle. While the death of a friend and mentor is always too soon, this time it strikes us as being especially so.

A few of us met him in person, many have exchanged e-mail with him, and many more had a direct response from him in a post. One that catches his bombast and the sense of humor is this one [about an NP disliking the use of DDI hair tests, and internet sources saying they were unreliable]: “The most polite and ethical explanation is ignorance. It goes downhill from there.” The debt we owe him for the two books we have, and the one that is ready to go to print, cannot be repaid. The generosity with which he gave his time to his books, to the groups, and to many of us individually, has inspired and touched us all. He contributed almost daily to forums such as this one, working tirelessly to respond to our many questions with helpful advice.

We send our deepest condolences to his loved ones. He is so greatly missed.

A memorial service for Andy is planned in Seattle, Washington, USA, in a couple of weeks and information on the exact date, time and place will be shared when it is made available.”

Rest in peace to a great man.

Erin Elizabeth

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Jason

    Someday he’ll be in the history books.


    Bummer. Andy has helped thousand of people he never met. He accomplished more than the average person.

  • Everyone C?

    He is the reason I am alive today & that my children aren’t as sick as they would have been if I had not come across his teachings over 15 years ago. An extremely amazing man & gift to those of us who were unwittingly damaged by mercury. Thank you Andy for all you have done & will continue to do with your legacy. Love you so very much.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    I sure hope this was a natural death. None of us lives forever, but I want to go only when the Good Lord says it’s time.
    Bless him and his family, I’m so sorry.

  • Guest

    Oh for gawd’s sake. His protocol was around for almost 20 years. If “they” wanted to snuff him out, they sure took their time. Besides, he was clearly in poor health for the last 5 years at the very least, just judging from the fact that he looked at least 10 years older than his true age. (Note that he’s only 57 in the youtube video, but looks SO much older). Not exactly a great testimonial for his sometimes exaggerated wealth of knowledge.

    And while his FDC protocol certainly helped a lot of people, including some friends of mine, it never explained why a greater majority of people could take higher doses of ALA, even with a mouthful of fillings, without any ill effects.

  • Guest

    That’s certainly true.

  • Everyone C?

    – you’re right, effective protocols like his HAVE been around for a long time …unfortunately their popularity is only very recently growing & that’s what’s putting the bullseye on these holistic doctors’ heads

    – he didn’t look old or sick to me so that’s a subjective judgement

    – everyone has countless variables such as biological terrain, metabolism, size, personal lifetime of toxic exposures, number & size of fillings, vaccines, lifestyle, diet, stress, prescription drugs, EMFs exposures, infectious exposures & so much more that could explain different tolerances of ALA…our bodies are a literal ‘chemical crap shoot’ so of course some people could take more or less ALA for sure (just a little common sense thinking is needed for this)

    – you may think my belief is wrong about his passing but the fact that you’d criticize him NOW leads me to my next conclusion – that you’re a paid shill sent here by big pharma & for this, I send you all the love in the world to help you heal your broken heart & soul

  • Guest

    I guess you’ve never known anyone in their mid-fifties if you think he doesn’t look old or sick. You might want to check out the youtube video again for a second look. Also note in that video that he’s considerably overweight, a definite risk factor for heart disease.

    A paid shill? Nice one. I was the local leader of our support group who introduced his protocol to the group and invited Julie Anderson, the nurse practitioner to speak at the group. Unfortunately, she was in bad shape as well, clearly physically uncomfortable during both my appointment with her and during her presentation to the group.

    Anyway, you’re entitled to your delusions, or to put it more politely, your presumptions. It doesn’t make them true however…

    Send yourself some love as well, as anyone who would insult another person just because they disagreed with their conspiracy theory, needs to take a good look in the mirror. As will I.

  • Everyone C?

    i don’t mind one iota if you don’t agree with my beliefs

    my problem was the fact that you insulted Andrew & his work & now you say you were a group leader – so i’m bewildered as to why you would do that? (you could have disagreed with me without that)

    and i don’t think you should be upset that I insulted you by suggesting you’re a paid shill when your original reply had 3 insults (against Andy, his work & me)

    i am truly sorry for insulting you as it was never my intent at all – i fell for your bait proving that you’re right – i should look in the mirror!

    (btw, the only real delusion i’ve had was that our healthcare, dental & govt organizations were supporting us when in reality, they’re concomitant in poisoning us all …& the fact that the motive, technology & evidence exists for the targeting of individuals that get in the way of this agenda is far from being a delusion)

  • Guest

    It’s your interpretation that I “insulted” him. I just said he looked like he was in poor health, and questioned why others could take ALA one time a day and not suffer the consequences.

    If you’re truthful, you’ll admit that what really bothered you was the fact that I questioned your belief system.

  • Everyone C?

    sure yes…of course… absolutely yes…you are correct sir … i concur …i concede … i comply … i surrender … you win … bingo !

  • Guest

    Funny…you assume I’m a man. Oh well, I do agree that in many if not most cases the govt, the medical system, the drug companies, etc., aren’t our friends. I just don’t go as far as you believing he may have been killed. Peace babe!