Holistic Doctor/Professor Found Stabbed To Death In Her Home

Dr Rasmussen Death

Holistic Doctor Found Stabbed To Death

The daughter of the Quincy College Professor, who is also a retired holistic doctor, remembers her mother as someone “who wanted other people to succeed,”  says the Boston Globe.

Dr. Vibeke Rasmussen, who taught classes on the subjects of biology (and nutrition as described below) was stabbed more than thirty times and found dead in her Plymouth home this past week. She was 76 and “a devoted grandmother, and former foster mother to at least 20 kids,” said her daughter.

The article states:

“She stated that her mother, a native of Denmark, who moved to Massachusetts from Indianapolis after her retirement to be close to her, had a great sense of adventure. She always rode her bicycle and once took a summer job driving a bus on Martha’s Vineyard just because it seemed like a fun thing to do.”

This case reminds us, in some ways, of the very recent tragic case of Dr. Han. He and his family were found dead in their home just weeks ago, and soon thereafter authorities said a young, white male was the suspect. That particular suspect (now arrested) had no prior record either, and lived with his father who was EX CIA.

Then there was the case of the osteopath who was also stabbed to death in her Pennsylvania home just months ago. There are allegedly no suspects in her death and, as in this case, no motive.

In regard to the tragic death of Dr. Rasmussen, police are searching for suspect Tyler Hagmaier, 24, who was a neighbor. It has been alleged that he is mentally unstable, though at least one relative of Hagmaier’s said that she,”had no information about any mental health problems he may have dealt with”.

Hagmaier’s abandoned Toyota Prius was discovered Friday evening on the French King Bridge over the Connecticut River in Gill. Investigators searched for Hagmaier’s body in the river. Reports say the weather wasn’t cooperating (they did use sonar) and at time of this publishing they haven’t found him or his body yet, nor do we see any definitive proof he’d even be in the river at this point, but we’ll wait for the investigation to continue.

See recent mysterious deaths of doctors in rivers being investigated by the families who question the official story by authorities here and here.

The article also stated:

” A Spokeswoman said Sunday that there was still no word on a motive.

We are trying to see if Hagmaier has ever had a record of being violent with anyone in his past, or what possible motive he would have to murder such a great professor and chiropractor. The Boston Globe said authorities stated he was never arrested nor charged with anything in the past.

We will continue to report on this, and are so sorry for the loss of a woman who sounds like she was a wonderful professor, chiropractor, grandmother and mother to many.

One of her students, Heather Lynch, 25, said she was scheduled to attend Rasmussen’s biology class Saturday morning. She said another student informed her of Rasmussen’s death.

“She was very much into bringing real life into what we were learning,” said Lynch, who lives in Plymouth. “She was so personable. Going to class wasn’t boring.”

Rasmussen was interested in nutrition, advising her students to stick to the perimeter of the supermarket when they went grocery shopping, Lynch said. The center aisles, Rasmussen warned, were where stores displayed their most unhealthy products, Lynch said.

She also told students that she got her salt from the ocean, not a store, by collecting seawater and letting it evaporate, Lynch said.

“She was so vibrant,” she said.

Our thoughts go out to her family and friends.

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Source: Boston Globe

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  • Jeanie L.

    Who is murdering all of our holistic doctors? I can’t help but think someone has a plan and it’s truly disturbing!

  • Mark Kelly

    Another AMA hit. Alternative Medicine attacks their monopoly. They are intentionally getting rid of the opposition. If people found out that the appropriate herbs can do the job with a tiny fraction of the side effects, they may choose life over death. Good for the patient but bad for business…

  • Susan Eldridge


  • Susan Eldridge

    Ron Paul: “There’s been a coup, have you heard? It’s the CIA coup. The CIA runs everything, they run the military. They’re the ones who are over there lobbing missiles and bombs on countries. … And of course the CIA is every bit as secretive as the Federal Reserve. … And yet think of the harm they have done since they were established [after] World War II. They are a government unto themselves. They’re in businesses, in drug businesses, they take out dictators … We need to take out the CIA.”

  • Guess Guess

    Business can sell herbs as vitamins and minerals for hundreds of billions of dollars, Why are you killing people ?……… but there is another story, the world in other dimensions (UFO) don’t want us to live healthy and they are responsible for all the damage in our world, I always said that , spirits are killing us daily

  • Guess Guess

    Business can sell herbs as vitamins and minerals for hundreds of billions of dollars, Why are you killing people ?……… but there is another story, the world in other dimensions (UFO) don’t want us to live healthy and they are responsible for all the damage in our world, I always said that , spirits are killing us daily

  • war is peace

    Appears suspicious at a minimum. Big Pharma, Monsanto, Dupont.. and anyone benefitting financially ‘could’ be involved. Our world is a sad sad place.

  • Guy New

    there are many evil people out there following satan.. hard to say who it could be.. but let us know that each one of us can be free from the threats of death or destruction by being surrendered to our creator.. they can kill the body but not our spirits which will live for eternity above with our heavenly father.. I long to be there and so let us not worry for all things here on earth but keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus the Christ our savior the king who sent himself to earth as a man to die for the evil in this world as he defeated satan .. so it is finished fear not amen

  • Cathyaz

    Time for a go fund me private investigation don’t you think.

  • yerbasanta

    No, Businesses CANNOT get such high prices for natural products that cannot be patented. Without an EXCLUSIVE market, which prescriptio drugs still under patent have. Garlic is good for blood pressure and circulation. But if anyone sells garlic bulcs or even garlic pills at a relatively high price of say $1.00 any ther pruducer can sell that same garlic for 50 cents or 20 cents if they want. and it will still be slightly profitable-but not as lucrative as prescription drugs that are still under patent protection (that lasts 17 years).

  • D Martin Miller

    Stabbed more than 30 times? That’s a clear sign of the degree of hatred the culprit had for Dr. Rasmussen.

  • Guess Guess

    you are 100% right, but can I ask a question, how much does spring valley make each year from vitamins and minerals ?
    how much does nature made make each year from vitamins and minerals ?
    I am talking about 1 billion buyers worldwide or more

  • A basic old fart

    These murders of natural or holistic medicine doctors is disturbing to say the least. Who may be behind these? Why? Follow the money trail.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    You can bet it leads back to the Rockerfeller Foundation

  • canuckgirl

    It’s more than obvious what is happening to these people, but we need absolute proof. It is conjecture at the moment, and until someone finds a trail leading to the big boys we will not be able to lay a finger upon them. Let the digging begin.

  • The CIA and the World Health Organization.

  • Blablathingy

    jesus christ we’re all fucked.

  • amac4

    There was a nice vigil at the school for her last night. There is more information about how wonderful she was. She did teach a nutrition class and regularly took her students on field trips to the local farmer’s market and stressed the importance of eating organic. She was on the chiropractic board and was chiropractor of the year in Indiana, a few decades ago. She was a devout follower of Jesus Christ-is that a thread running through these deaths Erin? Thanks for your work on this issue.

  • Gaijinman

    I know personally of a woman that was seeing a holistic doctor she believes to have been murdered. She’s now in full panic mode, dropping out from online presence and disassociating from vaccine safety and informed consent groups. These murders are no joke.

  • Karen Speed

    This is crazy. CRAZY! It’s like a plot out of the freaking X-Files!
    They’re rounding up suckers to do their dirty work, and buying them out to take the fall.
    Does no-one care??????
    I’ve been following these stories since last summer, and it’s insane how each one is swept under the carpet and ignored by mainstream media.

  • yerbasanta

    I never heard of the companies you mentioned Spring Valley or Nature, but they have much bigger and more efficient competitors who will keep their prices and profit margins within a reasonable range, they may even go out of business if they exceeed these market constraints. Makers of Natural products do make a living-but not much more. Pharmaceutical firms do not face these market constraints.

  • LD

    SABRA (SABoteur Radical Activism) of the genre of Skull and Bones. People just are not figuring this oartly because they are themselves too insouciant to care, and partly because they are stupid and don’t know how to ID a pred. Troika statism is very simple app: sado perverted Freemason appointed leadership, corporate and eugenics masquerading noble faith, Mormon church, but people aren’t ready to cinnect the dots. Very sad.

  • Zeeva Natasha Zazhinne

    geez Erin–just saw this! HOW many does this make now? reading the thread on this all I can say is TG finally people seem to be waking up. I remember this kind of thing when I was a little girl with a daddy in the teaching of medicine & in medical research. Those who wanted to cure & heal were threatened & worse–those who wanted to practice curing & healing medicine left the country & opened clinics elsewhere (many south of the border used almost exclusively by USAmericans ‘in the know’.) But only people ‘on the inside’ knew or talked about it–& made choices as to how vocal they could be if they want to practice their professions…

  • boomer chick

    I question these deaths also. My friend a mother whose 29 yr Down’s Sydrome daughter had Bronchitis & wanted to leave the ER at Mayo because she was not comfortable w her MD, was forced to stay against her will. The Mom, a psych nurse, was adamant she could leave but they made her stay, & she died from wrong/bad drug choice. They said she would harm herself or whatever other unwarranted bogus reason. After her wrongful death, for yrs the parents lobbied the Capital about her nightmare care & were going to charge the doctor w murder (since she did not warrant a forced stay). They had a book in the ops w an author from Austrailia as soon as the MD was charged but the Mom did unexpectedly from major heart issues she was not known to have. People knew about the book & the plan-it may have gotten out. I question her death also. The book would have publicly challenged this famous world-known clinic & made them accountable. It never happened as she died last October, her kids choosing NOT to have the hospital save her if I did not look good , because those were her wishes should anything happen. I really wonder how she could have suddenly died like this-such a sweet & happy & strong woman simply avenging her daughter’s wrongful death… Just sharing as I have concerns in this instance too!!! Would love to hear back on this Erin. I have environmental illness from Mold exposure & saw many wonderful lntegrative & Environmental MD’s from AZ, TX, FLA & SC over the yrs & know how great their treatments can be. I’m in MN.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    I’m glad to know she’s with The Lord now.

  • Sheila Leigh

    My condolences to her family. Very sad, however, the article states the authorities are looking for a mentally unstable neighbor. And in the case of Dr. Han, his wife and daughter, the man who allegedly killed them, was a person who had business dealings with Dr. Han. Please. Ms. Erin Elizabeth, since you are writing articles, write responsible journalism. To link these two deaths with the conspiracies that, ‘all the holistic Doctors are being murdered’, IS IRRESPONSIBLE! Do your fact checking and fix your articles.

  • hillwilliamus

    at last…..it’s been years….thanks!


    Part of the plan for a dominant world power that will control everything we do, see, eat, learn, remember…The New World Order we used to laugh about is slowly but most certainly, becoming a reality. Republicans put a freeze on nearly anything anyone on the liberal front wants to get accomplished. Republicans focus on HIllary’s errors in judgment but take billions from special interest lobbying groups. President himself/herself only has so much power. Sadly, things are getting to a point where we are having more and more rights stripped away. But also a world where some people think that everyone should be able to get automatic weapons.

  • Carol Christoforatos

    Go deeper. Its those that are behind the CIA.

  • Sonja Hardy

    Is there somewhere that this whole series of articles and videos can be easily accessed – in the order in which they were reported? If not, that would be a useful addition to your website.

  • ironbutterfly

    Dr. Gonzales from NY, supposedly “died” if I’m not mistaken in 2015. I’m sure he was one of the many targets of BigPharma. I don’t understand why these precious doctors, who all deserve a Nobel prize for saving people’s lives, insist of working in US ??? Please MOVE out of US, to South America. Many many doctors do that every day, and many did this years ago, like Dr. Marc Sircus for example. By moving to South America, many Americans and Canadians will follow suit.
    Only those with an open mind of course, and who know the truth. It will create a major economic impact on both North America and South America. Holistic doctors in US are only endangering themselves and their families. In the book “Flood Your Body with Oxygen” the author (forgot his name) tells a few stories how few doctors in 1930s in NY have been murdered because of what they were doing….