Holistic doctor killed after crashing off bridge into river


One week ago Scott William Mieras, remembered as an “honest and warm person,” was killed in a crash in North Canterbury, New Zealand. Mieras, of Takaka in the Tasman district, died when his bus crashed through the railings of a bridge, landing in a shallow area of the Waiau River. He was the sole driver of the vehicle. No other vehicles were involved.

He was 60 years old. Originally from the U.S., Mieras ran Aotearoa Acupuncture and Tools4Healing, which offered acupuncture, holistic health treatments, and traditional Chinese medicine.


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In a statement, his daughters said,

“Thank you for all the adventures we shared together and the knowledge that you have passed on to us. You are such a gentle soul and we now pray for your eternal peace. The thought that you will remain forever close to us as your daughters is something we will always cherish.” 1

His friend Kelcey Chandler, who described him as a “lovely man who brought together our community” and one who always “shared his knowledge freely,”1 explained that he had recently bought the bus to refit it and make it his home.

Another friend, Brendon Gardiner, who felt “lost” after learning of his death said,

“I’m very grateful to have had him as a friend, and the honesty we shared together was uplifting and very rare. [He] also fixed my broken soul . . . He gave me peace and helped developed my understanding to let go. We made each other laugh and cry.” 1

He is survived by his two adult daughters, Amelia Mieras, 29, and Sophie Cooney, 33, and two grandchildren, 3-year-old Sienna and 8-month old Hazel Cooney, who also live in New Zealand.


Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and beloved patients.

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