Holistic Doctor and Inventor Killed in Accident


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It is with heavy heart that I bring you the news of inventor Dr. John Louis Lombardozzi, 55, of Erie PA, who died in a motorcycle accident. It appears he was an award winning expert motorcycle builder, experienced rider, and wearing a helmet, so his tragic sudden death has left many in utter shock.

From the headlines news article linked below:

“Dr. Lombardozzi’s chiropractic office is right by our TV studios. His sudden and tragic death on Friday has us learning that his professional skills went far beyond seeing patients in his office. Lombardozzi was also the creator of what’s called the Chi Rope. It is described on his website as a device delivering multi-dimensional stimulation to restore balance. Some of the testimonials about it claim its prevented people from getting back surgery. Lombardozzi created it to connect mind and body for total health and well being. The website www.chi rope.com also offers DVD’s and claims other products are still being developed. Lombardozzi also offered consultations and lectures upon request. But it’s something that came to a halt Friday night, when around 9:30, Lombardozzi, a motorcycle enthusiast, was thrown from his motorcycle and his bike hit a light pole along the Bayfront Parkway. He was wearing a helmet, but the coroner says he died of severe head trauma. He worked on bikes and engines for years, and even built engines for the Budweiser Indy 500 Racing Team. He got into chiropractic work after hurting his back.

Everywhere I look I can see an outpouring of support and so many friends, family and patients mourning for this wonderful doctor.

In his obituary it stated:

“John was a modern day renaissance man. His many accomplishments ranged from being a deep sea diver to building engines for the Budweiser Indy 500 racing team. John was an established Chiropractor who had many loyal patients that will greatly miss him. He was also an inventor and an award-winning motorcycle builder with an undying love for anything and everything motorcycle related.”

His greatest love and accomplishment was being married for almost 28 years to the love of his life Alicia Korytowski Lombardozzi.”

Again, our heart goes out to friends and family. The good doctor actually died on May 27th, but we were not alerted to it until now.

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Sources: Obituary and ENN(Erie News Now)

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