Holistic Doctor Found Dead in Parking Lot Before Seminar


Wasn’t it just last week I was reporting on yet another holistic doctor in Michigan, also headed to a seminar, who had a heart attack in the car on the way to the event? And that same week, another Michigan holistic doc had a heart attack, too. She was only 32, and her colleagues were shocked. There are also other doctors who allegedly died right before attending events or just after. I’ll be doing a story on that, as literally at one event last year, three died within weeks, and then this year at the same event, one died weeks before he was to speak there.

Holistic Doctor Jeff Bradstreet MD also died just weeks after the well known Autism One conference where he had allegedly said he had “big news” he would be sharing soon on some breakthrough information. He was found dead weeks later in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest.

The latest in my holistic doctor deaths series, which is well over 50 in a year, is Dr. Armond Bert who was actually found dead around Valentine’s day. We would have reported it sooner, but we only just heard about it.

Dr. Armon Bert, who was reported missing by his family, was found in his car in the parking lot of a Kirkwood Lowes store (St. Louis suburb), the “apparent” victim of a heart attack (how do they clock his death at exactly 10:04 AM if they found him in the car?).

Perryville police contacted the family with the sad news which was received from the Kirkwood Police Department. According to reports, a Kirkwood police officer discovered Dr. Bert in his car with the seat reclined.

Dr. Bert had been missing since Friday (which we believe was Feb 19th of this year, 2016). According to a family member he had been expected to spend Friday night at a friend’s house and then attend a seminar in St. Louis on Saturday.

Dr. Bert received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering and worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He then went to school to become a chiropractor at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and graduated in 2000. Armon worked for Dr. Bobb Chiropractic Center in Silvis from 2000 to 2008 before moving to Perryville, Missouri. For the past eight years, Armon owned and operated Perryville Chiropractic Center.

Armon was of the Catholic faith. He was a member of Perryville Rotary Club and had served as president. He also was a die-hard St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan. Survivors include his two brothers, Lenny (Carole) Bert of Chester and Norbert Bert, also of Chester; three sisters, Gerri (Charles) Keeble of Oak Ridge, Missouri, Mary (Prentiss) Wilson of Percy and Sandy Kisro (friend, Neal Bierman) of Campbell Hill; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Rest in peace, our heart goes out to his family and friends. We’ll update you when we learn more about the event he was about to attend and what he was lecturing on.

Don’t miss an update, keep up here.

See recap on 50+ doctors found dead in just under a year here (I haven’t had time to add the last 6 or so in 2 weeks! 🙁

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  • BearStrong

    Palmer College is in Davenport, Iowa.

  • usaok59

    This is like something from a horror movie. It doesn’t seem real that all these noted doctors can die “mysteriously” and nothing is being done to find out the truth behind their deaths (except for Erin’s reports).

  • American101

    I think contacting all the Sheriff’s within the County where each person was found dead and the immediate family on Facebook etc. Do not assume everyone knows what is going on.

  • Don Lovell

    their methods and tactics involve putting ELF devices in neighboring window, car ports, line of sight into doors mailboxes, trashcans, etc’ roving ELF weaponized vehicles into pathways back to ones workplace shopping parking lots etc. then laptops during meetings laptop cases over the devices. But then medical/dental place ionizing devices under chairs, behind walls above ceiling tiles etc. danger at every step, carry at least Trifield 100XE meters wherever ones usual paths take one

  • Tannim

    Davenport Ohio? Or Davenport Iowa?

  • Barbara Ann Prosen-Monroe

    Sounds like there is a Holistic Doctor serial killer on the loose!

  • Brock Lee

    “But how do they clock his death at exactly 10:04 AM if they found him in the car?” It’s a pretty straight-forward answer: When coroners do an autopsy, they take into account what they know about how long it takes for rigor mortis to set in, how long it takes for decay rates of tissue, temperature conditions, etc. and from that extrapolate a surprisingly accurate time of death. That’s not really much of a mystery.

  • kderose

    down to the MINUTE ??? I don’t believe it.

  • Mary Kretzmann

    Is the medical mafia this sinister?

  • Johnnye Hauser

    Ask the Clintons! Sounds like the same types of deaths and coincidences.

  • Little “Aquanapia” Nap

    They use the video cameras, eh ELF devices (just kidding), to see when the car appeared in the parking lot and if the guy ever got out of the car or when he got into the car. Then they use all of the stuff they get from the autopsy.

  • Chinna

    Sounds like someone wanted them silenced.

  • Little “Aquanapia” Nap

    Hey, you got any pictures of these devices? How much power do they use?

  • Deborah Blish

    Call it our Government and FDA they don’t want us healthy

  • Deborah Blish

    It is happening all over the country so it looks random.

  • Deborah Blish


  • Charlene

    I’m afraid of what is happening in our country…with money being at the root of this evil.

  • Ken

    Yeah there is, it’s called the Rockefeller based medical system that pushes chemotherapy and drugs of all kinds. ANYTHING but Holistic therapies.

  • usaok59

    Not sure what you are saying…that they WANT it to look random, or that you think it’s just happening randomly.

  • dmprisk

    Is the CIA using their Heart Attack gun?

  • Kevin Bailey

    Don’t confuse whackjob conspiracy nuts with actual facts.

  • Little – if you read the series of over 50 in under a year only a minority of the deaths were “natural” . Most were murder, alleged suicide (one of those now confirmed murder) and freak accidents that already investigators are saying now we’re not accidents on a few.

  • There are Palmer colleges in different parts of the country including right here in Florida where Dr. mercola and I live. They arent just in Iowa. We just had our friend was a clinical professor at the Palmer college here in Florida found dead as well. He was outspoken. Healthy and hearty and found dead.

  • lily

    the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, money on it’s own can do great things.

  • george

    alot a mental illness..paranoia…its ashame the country is rotting from within

  • Whitney

    Sounds like you should get some of your information straight before you write these articles. Have you ever thought how this would make the family feel seeing this article. That he’s a ” victim” something you just don’t know what and when you have more information you will update the article. Just a heads up he wasn’t going to a seminar to speak for a lecture. Just a routine seminar he went to all the time. I worked for him and I know his family have went through enough they don’t need someone trying to pin his death on something else.

  • TheWomen’sHealthDocs

    So answer me this, how many doctors die in a year? I am guessing it is way over 50 so is there a conspiracy to kill doctors too? I understand the conspiracy theory, but could it be possible that some of these doctors did actually die of heart attacks? Also they pathologist can estimate the time of death through their examination. They clocked his death possibly at that time of 10:04 because they have to declare someone dead when they are found and that is the time of death for records. The actual time of death is an estimate. Come on people let’s look a little deeper

  • TheWomen’sHealthDocs

    people die all over the country is this random as well?

  • TheWomen’sHealthDocs

    300-400 physicians die every year from suicide and we know that for the last 150 years physicians have a higher suicide rate that the regular population

  • marusya

    Too many “heart attacks”. There are poisons that mimic heart attack if old detective stories are of any use.

  • H. Davis

    DrVersandahl has been on this mysterious dr death list. His closest and best student over the years was Dr RJBraheem. They kept in touch by phone for many years. Dr RJ was in the best of health did everything right,etc. Then the next we know he dies in hospice. This was before his mentor was killed in an auto accident.

  • H. Davis

    It is known that organized crime has over the years invested heavily in pharma companies as a ‘legitimate’ way to make profits on their illicit funds. I recall when a news caster interviewed a president of ab Eastern pharma Corp. l was shocked as he was as harsh and rough as any organized crime figure l have seen interviewed over the years. I believe as is their mo is place a person in office they have contact with for obvious reasons. Read professional accounts how they invest and sometimes are able to get a person into a company they are investing in to gain influence,etc.

  • rturner79

    Someone needs to make a documentary on this. It’s obvious the main-stream news isn’t covering this story either. The “story” being all these deaths, not just this one. How do we get into the public eye? Any ideas? A White House march? Anyone?

  • mac6298

    If anyone thinks they can trust anyone in the government they are sadly mistaken.

  • Peggysomebody01

    So true Deborah and Mac6298. It is hear say that Hillary & Bill ransacked the White House taking the gold and what ever they could when the left in 2000. But the FBI know Hillary let classified emails go thru on her unapproved server while she was Sec of State. You cannot trust anyone in government. Vote for TRUMP. He is definitely not a politician

  • Brenda Stines Mills

    they can give a close estimate of time of death…..variances due to environmental temp…..but, to put TOD at 10:04 a.m. without an eyewitness is rather odd……

  • John

    Seems to me you should read the article correctly before writing your silly comment.. The article states that he is an “”apparent” victime of a heart attack”… nothing more… No accusations, just legitimat questions concerning the fact that a big number of holistique Doctors have come to strange deaths in the past few months… something that the family as well as the public should be aware of.

  • Karen McEniry

    I have no doubt that Big Pharma has a very, very long arm and will stop at nothing to keep the status quo (keep the public ignorant) and to keep their profits high.

  • Karen McEniry

    Spread the word on social media. Main stream media will not touch this unless their hand is forced. Big Pharma owns the media.

  • Marcie Jacobs

    I think we are missing an important message in all of this. Pharmaceutical companies are in a panic because they have lost the trust of consumers. They are killing in vain. Nothing is going to bring back the pharmaceutical companies from the downward spiral they are on. I have seen this happen to other industries. They are too arrogant and are missing the memo. New medicine isn’t even their enemy; it is the banks and hedge fund managers and they have killed the host. They have sacked Americans dry and no one can afford their drugs.

  • Dr_XX

    Why don’t you include the name of these seminars? Seems like a pertinent fact, especially if several of the murdered doctors were attending the same seminar.

  • Dr_XX

    How will the meter help? Do you have time to avoid injury once the field is picked up on the meter?

  • H. Davis

    That is correct. It is well know gov. agencies and organized crime use various chemicals to induce a cardiac arrest. They have used blow guns to do this at a distance. I saw a demo form a man who was in special forces. He said the dart is so small and sharp it feels like an insect bite,but too late your heart stops.

  • H. Davis

    That is called the fountain head of chiropractic in Davenport,Iowa. There are articles and lots of photos for those interested. I have researched dr BJ Palmer the developer of chiropractic. A certified genius. There is also a school in CA.

  • You really need some reading comprehension skills like John said. It says “apparent victim of a HEART attack” which is a direct quote from the authorities. Considering he died in feb I’m guessing you probably don’t seem to know much at all about this death and might just be another troll. The NY times and most sites update articles when they learn more. that’s how it works. Though usually I get right the first time. Try over 50 doctors dead in a year- mostly holistic. Also (lack of reading comprehension) I NEVER state he was going to speak at the seminar! please, re read and come back when you have YOUR facts straight. https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • Dr XX because the news outlets nor obituary named this one, BUT I promise to give links to the health seminar that all the doctors I mention up top were top speakers. Just give me some time to get that article out. It’s a lot of info here with over 50 dead in a year and some of those doctors were our friends. If you get the newsletter that article will be out with all the details. https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • we are in the works of doing a few films on this to get the word out. it’s not cheap

  • Dr Suzanne Humphries MD just stated that 400 doctors commit suicide a year. Problem is we have a high amount who committed suicide but they were in a tiny (tiny fraction!) of regular doctors that were mostly holistic (very small community especially holistic MDs like Mitch Gaynor who allegedly took his own life plus others. see the full story here. Try reading the series. Many were our friends and this was a very small circle of doctors. https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/

  • Lou Ine

    Someone just tried to kill Mike Norris in Ohio at the opening of Amerigeddon. Apparently, there is a certain deadly pathogen that can kill if it just touches your skin. He remembers being touched in a crowd and his face swelled up. He went to the hospital and he did recover. Scary!

  • Linda Stevens

    Somebody must know who is doing these murders. Speak up.

  • DL

    Never Trump. Ever.

  • Kathleen

    What about the CIA heart attack gun that shoots a dart of frozen poison into the heart. Virtually undetectable.

  • Don Lovell

    i have footage of radiation attack during a routine dentist appointment, a confederate was positioned in chair nearest to mine during the attack. i have also filmed an attack coming from a neighbors garage. I saw a device the other day when accompanying a friend on a doctors visit, i call the crippler. It penetrates the feet in a swath along the floor (90)percent certain as the hole had a small funnel ring and knobs along the top, 8in X 7in X 9in while box w/110v cord in shopping bag. Yes its real doctors are doing this or confederates in doctors offices, parking lots, masers from helicopters etc. also people will stand in line in stores with packages etc to give heart atttac

  • Don Lovell

    The meter identifies vehicles say in parking lots, neighbors who may have a beam on your door or other pathway. Burns are inevitible at least to small parts of face and mind control instantaneous unless wearing face shield, in parking lot attacks. coming from a store from sniper/ambush teams, especially hard to identify dual position weaponized cars.-Impervious clothing,leather/vinyl helps but will penetrate that, if sniper is parked next to your car, it will penetrate even that.. i get into my car, then drive behind to get license no.Its difficult to balance bringing items back and monitoring for weapons all at once> Filing claims may be even more difficult while in a stressed state.

  • Steinurr

    Money doesn’t represent anything real.

  • VintageCharacter

    Sounds like you should be working with CCHR Int. 323 467-4242. Have you seen THEIR films? Eye openers: Citizens Commission on Human Rights International. They house the PSYCHIATRY An Industry of Death Museum in their main office at 6616 Sunset Blvd, in Hollywood, CA 90028.

  • Snead Hearn

    Trump is very tight with the Mob.

  • Mary Kretzmann

    Your point being?

  • Jim Park

    Is there any chance of Russia Today doing a documentary series, or are they also scared of the consequences?

  • Raphaelle O’Neil

    You still don’t get it if you think Trump is gonna fix it.