I was called too timid in my other videos. No more. I will be strong for the doctors who deserve justice for their deaths and [I will be strong] for their families. I will stand up to the LAME stream media and even the feds. I don’t care. I won’t back down…

Family members of some of the doctors who died have begun to reach out to me to let me know that Time Magazine is writing them and snooping around asking questions about their dead relatives. It’s very upsetting to the families I’ve talked with so far. Some of these poor families have stated publicly they still don’t have autopsy reports or a cause of death (in many of the cases) and yet Time Magazine has wasted no time snooping around and directly asking for a “story”. As one victim put it “they always want a story”. Time told them that they are doing a piece on my stories (I broke the news as gently as possible about each doctor who died), yet they aren’t talking to me. More on that in a minute. 

Back when the NY Times wrote me and asked about my story on our friend Mitch Gaynor, I gave them the details and they wrote back thanking me. I was obviously their source, but alas, no credit was given when their story came out very one sided. While none of this affects me, it’s downright disrespectful to the families. Shame on them! What ever happened to looking at both sides objectively? What happened to real investigative reporting?

Might I say that in MY case the family members contacted me. One family publicly stated I was the only journalist they trusted and they did an exclusive interview with me so that they could tell their story to someone who would listen and share the truth, not some biased mainstream magazine. There are a few magazines (and Snopes.com) who have tried to “debunk” my stories, but there is nothing to debunk! They all died and I always state I don’t know if the 4 murders, 3 alleged suicides and the rest of the mysterious deaths (and they are mysterious) are connected.

So, I thought I’d reach out to Time Magazine and suggest that before they bothered any more grieving family members, perhaps they’d like to talk to me as a liason. They didn’t respond. 

I waited a couple days and tried again. For my second attempt I used a legal read notification service just to let me know if they were actually getting the emails. The notification didn’t just let me know they read it, but for how long, and where it was read. In fact, it was forwarded around no less than a half dozen times and most of the IP addresses appear to be New York City. At least one appears to have opened the email on their phone.

How many times have I been told or scolded by “skeptics” (and even 1 or 2 rare cases in the holistic community) that if it weren’t for me this pattern would have never emerged, that people would never think there was a connection between the murders or have ever noticed such a thing?

I think my nay sayers give me far too much credit.

I think after 11 doctors die (the majority holistic MD’s and Osteopaths- many of whom we knew) that someone else would have put 2 and 2 together and at least noticed the coincidences.

And perhaps that’s all it is, one big coincidence. Again, I have never stated I have proof or evidence they are connected. But when family members of the doctors come forward, even in the news, to say they want answers and do NOT believe their relative or loved one should have just dropped dead (in the cases that weren’t murder or alleged suicide) it does make one wonder.

Medical doctors and Osteopaths contact me every week. Sometimes every day. Many are fearful for their lives, some shutting down practices and leaving the country. I don’t want anyone living in fear and I don’t want to live in fear either. I don’t want my better half, a holistic doctor of 30 yrs, living in fear. That’s not what this is about. 

As more and more doctors have died, the skeptics and nay sayers have begun to listen. I have no idea what Time Magazine’s motives are but it’s sad that the reporter/author of the piece has read my emails and isn’t writing back.

So that’s it Health Nuts. Time Magazine will do what they want. I’ll leave the female journalist’s names out of it but to say it’s similar to mine, well, you can figure it out.

This is Erin Elizabeth reporting from the E. Coast of Florida on Weds., Sept 30th, 2015.


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