Last week, we did a story on Dr. Paul Offit, who was being interviewed by an online entertainer and MD who no longer has a practice. That man goes by ZDogg.

In the middle of ZDogg’s live air interview with vaccine patent holder Dr. Offit, two people knocked on the window of Zdogg’s media office in Las Vegas, one of whom’s baby died just after having had her routine shots. They attempted to give the pair inside a book about vaccines (see a pic of Dr. Offit with the book below) offering it through the window (which could be opened). Dr. Offit didn’t accept the book in the middle of the show, but today we see he appears to have accepted the book in Atlanta as evidenced in photos below. It’s called “How to End the Autism Epidemic” by JB Handly who I’ve talked with many times, and Dr. Mercola, who just keynoted his event.

Since then, Zdogg has made a few comedy videos (and they aren’t so funny) about this sad interaction at his Las Vegas office.

During that live interview, Dr. Paul Offit stated that Donald Trump’s child, Barron, has autism. We immediately did a breaking piece (and were the only article worldwide) that called Dr. Offit out on his statement.

The story went viral.

Within hours, Dr. Offit offered an apology on his page which was seen by thousands. That gave us some hope, as we’ve read his new book “Bad Advice” (ee read books from every view) and in it, Offit mentions that perhaps it was a mistake he never would agree to meet with the “anti-vaxxers” in the past. (We paraphrase as we don’t have the book in front of us.)

And then today happened…on the way to ACIP… 

As people from around the world gather in Atlanta, Georgia at the CDC for ACIP (Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices), where the vaccine schedule will be discussed, we believe that history is being made. Jamie Lynn a Ph.D., Erin Marie an RN and chiropractor Dr. Russel Myers- amongst others- went to lunch today with Dr. Paul Offit. However, it was requested that the lunch be “off the record.” and no cameras or recording devices. (Denise Marie, who is standing in the first pic above just to Dr. Offit’s right, stated he feels gelatin is playing a role in vaccine injury. Oh, and Christopher Bunch’s father confronted Dr. Offit today, too.)

Also of note, a woman who flew in today for the event said, “The vote went thru for the updated child AND adult schedules without a single opposition. All yes vote.” This would include the HPV vaccine for adults now, as well.

What a day.

(The ACIP holds three meetings each year at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia to review scientific data and vote on vaccine recommendations. Meetings are open to the public and available online via live webcast.)

We are proud to have helped bring attention to millions of our readers about Christopher Bunch who died after his HPV shot. His father, Elijah Bunch, will be there to speak. So many of you gave to the fund that we shared to get him there and it was his first time on a plane, ever. We have talked with Mr. Bunch at great length and he is an awesome man and father, still grieving for the loss of his young son. As far as we know, Elijah Bunch did not attend the meal today. UPDATE: Mr. Bunch did get to talk with Dr. Offit though and here is the photo below!

We hope that this will be productive and are grateful to this diverse group from Denise Marie to the rest (including Dr. Offit!) who agreed to talk and hope that some good can come of this.

I’ve waited for something like this for so long and am happy to be the first article to report on it as I watched it go down in real time. We’re also thankful that Dr. Offit was in such good humor. One woman who attended the lunch wrote publically that he requested they “not murder him during lunch as his wife would be really sad!” We appreicate his sense of humor!

Christopher Bunch’s dad, Elijah Bunch talking to Dr Paul Offit about his son Chris who just died after his HPV vaccine

Erin Elizabeth, HNN