(UPDATE: The Sacramento Bee DID do a piece, which is now on the front page, on Robert F Kennedy Jr. endorsing Eric Frame and they embedded the video from our Youtube page! To a city of over a half million people!! Thank you so much to all our readers who donated thousands of dollars which allowed these advertisements to run on Sacramento TV. We raised so much money for Eric Frame, you guys!)

Now, we know the SAC BEE might not rave about a Senator Pan alternative, but even we thought they’d mention the unprecedented and historical moment that Robert F Kennedy Jr. endorsed the independent, Eric Frame, who is currently running against incumbent Democrat, Senator Pan.


Several of our readers even wrote and asked them why they weren’t covering it, but they received zero response. Regardless, it’s not too late for you to spread the word to anyone you know who can vote in California’s District 6 (the Sacramento area).

Remember, Pan is the senator who both wrote and helped to pass SB 277, the law which mandates vaccines for all children in California who want to attend school and daycare (public or private).

Pan also tried (but failed) to pass legislation to censor the internet and your personal emails and texts if you live in California. Really. Even Gov Jerry Brown (D) said this was so not necessary.

Despite his hateful Facebook pages, being sued by his own constituents for illegally blocking them on social media, Pan still has a chance to win because he’s so powerful; remember, he’s been bought and paid for.


Some locals in politics even allegedly stated they felt frightened for NOT endorsing him (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg).

Bottom line: If you want real change and a true independent, if you want to #CanPan (and you know we almost never post anything political) this is what you can do to help:

The campaign to beat Pan is rocking right now. TV ads are in full swing and we have well over 150 people implementing our tactical ground game! We now need 2,200 volunteers to call 40 constituents (mostly leaving voicemails) and text as many people as possible in Pan’s district today!!
Volunteering is super easy. Simply download the free Voter Reach app (available on iPhone / Android), insert the password: Frameforsenate (case sensitive) and click on call or text to reach a voter. Here is the script you should use when you call (speak quickly):
“Hi, I am a volunteer for Eric Frame, Sacramento born and raised Independent Candidate running for State Senate in District 6. Eric’s platform revolves around Sacramento and improving issues we all care about like homelessness, child trafficking, and government reform. Have you heard of Eric Frame? www.ericframe.info

If you want to unseat Pan, we need everyone who gets this email/post to step up and be part of this historic opportunity to show every politician what happens when you eliminate parental rights.

Will you help today? Together, we really can unseat Pan!!!!!