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From day one I was informed that once you alter your lifestyle to vegan or vegetarian, look out, the fury will be right behind you!

Stemming deep from within, the rage will surely come.

Having so many non-vegans stating this, I wanted to investigate what was really going on here. I couldn’t just let people blatantly spread lies; I have a duty to my readership to uphold the truth!

My Undercover Investigation
Going undercover was easy, I already had the pre-requisites:
– Vegetarianism, seven years
– Veganism, four years
– Healthy
– Physically fit
– And I never wear leather or fur

All things checked out for me to be able to infiltrate these vegans (seeing as I already live this way, it was easy for me to fool them.)

So, next I wanted to discover where this idea of those ‘angry’ vegans had really come from and as I sat around this vegan pot-luck, things started to show through. These aggressive vegans had the audacity to actually be enjoying each other’s company without loud shouting or uncalled-for remarks.

I didn’t understand. They have a sense of peace about them.

So I decided to stir the pot and see what sticks. I mentioned friends who eat meat and “love the taste”, hoping to cause a full on riot…nothing…nothing at all, weird. Then I said that all animal by-products are “healthy,” but again, they just laughed and told me to stop acting all “silly.”

My Findings
It took me a few times to realize that they didn’t hold any anger, they were just perceived as angry due to the miscommunication they had with non-vegans as to what they can and cannot eat.

It dawned on me that they were just sick and tired of having to go to restaurants only to send back food because people didn’t know (or maybe even care) what veganism was. They were exhausted from having to explain over and over at family dinners, that they choose not to eat animal products; even after being harassed by “uncle ken” about how stupid veganism is… These people aren’t angry, they are just tired. Tired of explaining what they eat, and not being left alone for their personal lifestyle choices.

They are seen as “preachy” by the mainstream, because they have to keep explaining themselves as it doesn’t seem to stick the first time. They have much better things to do with their time then have to wait an extra 35 minutes, because the wait staff didn’t actually listen to their simple request of no-cheese or mayo on the veggie burger, while everyone else at the table eats and grumbles what a fussy pants they are.

It’s disheartening on their behalf to have to deal with ignorance of any kind for a choice that they (the majority of whom aren’t pushy towards people) but being persecuted instead for having these beliefs.

Now some don’t have a sense of humor left about the subject and some might not even understand the satirical nature other vegans may take on explaining it to outsiders (methods like dissonance). But none the less, these elusive vegan types aren’t angry; they are just normal people, who are drained from having to explain such a simple concept time and time again.

Next time you run into one of these “angry vegans” just give them a little break, a little understanding and try your hardest to get the order right the first time. Thanks!


height sistersDanielle and Melissa Height are twin sisters and obviously beautifully talented (and beautiful!) We definitely hope to have them guest write again over at Health Nut News as they are both amazingly knowledgable and healthy!  Here’s to the Height twins… who aren’t afraid of heights!