It’s no secret that we at Health Nut News love animals and want them to be treated humanely. So, it breaks our hearts when we see them caged, starving, and broken. Please do what you can to help these poor creatures, by signing the petition below. While Sun Bears aren’t as hefty as black, brown, or grizzlies, they should be far plumper than the video below.

In the disturbing video below, taken at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia, footage of skeletal sun bears in a cement pit with no food or water- pleading with visitors to feed them junk food- has outraged many. And with good reason.

Sadly, this isn’t the first zoo in Indonesia to cause outrage, either. Animal Rights activists have also been trying to shut down the Surabaya Zoo for years because there the animals live, starve, and then die in deplorable conditions.

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Source: World Animal News