Hearing for Science Teacher Suspended after Bringing up Vaccine Side Effects on Product Info Sheet


Tim Sullivan of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada is a science, biology, and physics teacher in Norfolk. He’s also currently awaiting a disciplinary hearing before the Ontario College of Teachers, because of a dispute with “public health nurses over the administration of vaccines.” You read that correctly. But please keep reading because it gets better.

The school had a vaccination clinic on March 9th, 2015 so Sullivan saw an opportunity to “educate students about science and teach them critical-thinking skills.”

(a little video about Merck employee involved in Gardasil who continued to harass me well after this was made!)

From the article:

“Sullivan approached the nurses and requested the product information sheets related to the various vaccines. He read the potential side effects to his students. In rare cases, these effects include, vasculitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, encephalopathy and, in the case of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, death.

In his letter, Sullivan said his students were not aware of these risks. He asked the nurses administering the vaccines if they were informing the students about them. Sullivan says he was told no.”

Two days later he was asked to meet with the school principal and informed he was being written up for “harassment of the health unit nurses.” Their accusation now requires him to go before the Ontario College of Teachers on Feb. 21 and Feb. 22 for a disciplinary hearing.

The Notice of Hearing reports:

  • Sullivan “attended the school’s cafeteria a second time and told students not to get vaccinated and/or suggested that they should not get vaccinated; told students they could die as a result of the vaccination and/or that one of the side effects of the vaccine was death.”
  • Sullivan “attended at the school’s office during class time to discuss vaccination of students” and “left his class unattended.”
  • Sullivan “attended at the school’s cafeteria a third time and accused a public health nurse of hiding information from him about the content of the vaccines.”
  • The Grand Erie District School Board suspended Sullivan without pay April 15, 2015, but it lasted only one day and he has since rejoined the faculty.

As you might imagine, the Grand Erie District School Board didn’t want to discuss the situation.

Sullivan seems to have kept his cool throughout the process. In an interview he wondered when scientific inquiry had become taboo, saying, “When did it become unprofessional to read a label to a class? When did it become harassment to ask a nurse about the side effects of a medical product? When did it become harassment to ask if nurses were honouring their professional ethic of informed consent? Unless the Ontario College of Teachers has a change of heart, it appears it is now considered unprofessional for a teacher to ask questions about vaccines in Ontario or if students are properly being informed prior to a medical procedure.”

Mr Sullivan plans to continue asking questions and encouraging his students to do the same because, “To do anything less would be irresponsible, unethical and a violation of our Charter rights and responsibilities.”

Well said, Mr Sullivan.


Source: Simco Reformer

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  • Sattar Solomon

    seriously only ONE teacher renegade , that OCT should be relabeled OCD … the ON college of Dum Dums, Canadians disgust me

  • Julie Berry Clark

    How dare you teach children to think critically and be informed! What kind of teacher are you?

  • Nelda McEwen

    In Canada, the majority of people are still asleep about the issue of vaccine safety. There is presently no compensation program for injury in Canada (with the exception of Quebec Province). The courts are still an option but as the legal high bar requires proof of ‘causation’ rather than ‘association’, a precedent proving vaccine injury has yet to be set The vaccine manufacturers are still getting a ‘by’ in Canada.

    Ontario’s Minister of Health, Eric Hoskins is not responding to numerous letters from Ontario citizens reminding him that we have laws of informed consent (in Federal and Provincial law). Either he is grossly ignorant about Ontario law and Federal law, or he is hoping most people will be trusting enough (or gullible enough) to go along with the vaccine promotion without question.

    When the Canadian vaccine, PENTA, was used in Canada and there were over 11,000 adverse events following immunization (AEFI) reported over the three (3) years it was in use (1994-97). There was no follow up on these affected children to ascertain long-term damage that includes life-long autism and anaphylaxis.

    Two of the 15 deaths described in the AEFI reports following immunization with PENTA: one child died from cerebral infarction and another following autopsy was found to have suffered meningoencephalomyelitis, brain and spinal cord inflammation.

    Ontario citizens are feeling the push right now. The former Bill 198 now buried in Bill 87 amends the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) to withhold vaccination exemptions from parents until they undergo ‘education sessions’. Mandated education for ‘vaccine hesitant’ parents is exactly what got the wheel of ‘no choice’ rolling in California.

    This is the first calculated step to erode parental rights and personal medical freedoms. For those of us in the north who think this same march against informed consent can’t happen in Canada, heads up, it’s happening right now.

    Good science and good medicine requires a risk benefit assessment. Ignoring and dismissing the dark side of vaccines and coercing people into compliance does nothing to inspire confidence in people who are capable of critical thinking. Why of any industry on the planet today, is this product alone, a sacred cow? To allude to Voltaire; why are we not allowed to criticise?

  • Ellia Craber

    Canadians disgust you? that’s rich.

  • Mike Robbins

    That’s what I think Is the big enchilada! People with children that are Minimally harmed and going through special ed classes And having a difficult time in school That may have turned out perfectly healthy without the shots! This includes asthma, allergies, eczema, diabetes and a myriad of other things that are considered perfectly normal now but back in the day meant your child was sick!
    That includes me and my children!
    I think fluoride, vaccines, GMOs and chemtrails all have a synergistic effect and affect each and every one of us in different ways Making a sicker population thereby making the Medical industrial complex healthier!

  • Sattar Solomon

    See your disgusting comment, proves my point , Sheeple

  • Sattar Solomon

    How many voices of the 35 MILLION are out on this matter ???? just a handful ??? thats the disgusting part, only ONE Teacher in the News ??? Mr. Rich fuck comment

  • Ellia Craber

    ya gotta point there

  • Janice

    How can we support Tim Sullivan – is there a petition?

  • looking now