Healthy Halloween Candy Choices

I got a great response when I asked my readers for healthy Halloween candy choices. It was late at night, but we got 65 comments with some awesome suggestions! Now I know a few folks said we were scrooges for not giving out the standard Reese’s Pieces or Butterfingers. But do  you know just how many children have nut allergies these days (we won’t even touch the gluten subject) but kids who can’t have nuts? There are many. So we’re not totally nuts for saying it.

I wanted to post a few alternatives for this season that are still delicious and maybe even a wee bit nutritious, and yes, kids really like them too.

I know it’s a sad reality  with the allergies kids and grownups  have these days, but I went with the Vegan, nut free, pesticide free (all organic) animal free, gluten free (but not sugar free!) choice of YumEarth brand organic fruit snacks.  Heck, their website says they’re even available at Walgreens.  I figure that yes, kids should be allowed to have some sugar this Halloween (I remember getting raisins in a box as a kid and not being pleased) but at least we can do organic without the stuff that causes so many issues for children.

Another reader said they were going with Unreal Candy (It IS Non GMO)  I hear they’re pretty tasty too.

Sites like our friends at Stepin2MyGreenWorld had a few great home made recipes too to give out or make for parties (we see so many kids these days don’t even trick or treat but prefer to go to organized gatherings) Here in our sleepy beach town they have numerous events at the local schools, churches or even friend’s house. The emphasis doesn’t seem to be as much on hitting as many houses as humanly possible for hours like when we were kids : )

Surf Sweets also is all gluten free, organic and has many vegan choices and appears to be nut free (but I’d check each individual product to be certain)

So you could probably still order one day shipping on Amazon or go to your local health food store or even check Walgreens for the healthy organic brands that are pouring in.

For me?  I want the kids to enjoy the holiday and have a sweet treat (I opted not to go with Xylitol or Stevia as some don’t taste good or kids can have allergies to that too and even I treat myself to a sugary treat on holidays) So enjoy and I hope that helps! Have a safe and happy Halloween …and don’t let the boogeyman get you! bahahahhahaa! BOO!
Erin XO


erin-elizabeth-healthnutnewsErin has overcome a severe weight gain, diagnosed Lyme Disease, a severe life threatening vaccine injury, an attempted abortion when she was in utero, thyroid, adrenal fatigue,  allergies weight gain, a six hour life saving surgery and more.   She’s  been working in the natural health/green industry for 25 years and has spent the last 5 years with her partner, a holistic doctor with a top natural health site.  Animals, eco living and music are her passions.  You can follow Erin at either her Professional or Personal Facebook pages too!  Her bio can be found here.

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