Healthcare Clash: Nurses Across the Country Standing Up For Their Right to Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations


Here’s yet another story similar to the one we shared yesterday. Now more than ever nurses and other hospital workers are choosing to NOT get vaccinated and are risking suspension or the loss of their jobs, by doing so. And, even though the effectiveness of vaccines for preventing transmission of disease to patients has been strongly questioned (researchers from the CDC conducted a meta-analysis study showing limited evidence that flu vaccinations for hospital workers provide any benefit for disease prevention) hospitals are pushing their workers to be vaccinated.

From the article:

“Some hospitals tell their nurses to wear masks to prevent the possible spread of germs or infections as an alternative to getting vaccines, and many who choose the mask over mandatory vaccinations have taken to the Web to share their pictures, and their stories. The Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV) organization recently named this past October “Show Me Your Mask Month” for the nurses to see that they are not alone.

The organization, founded as a response to mandatory vaccinations in the workplace, believes that everyone should have the right to choose which medical treatments are administered to them. The group has over 30,000 fans on Facebook and has shared pictures of those who are rebelling against vaccine mandates.

However, because of growing fear of the general public to stand up for their rights, NAMV will be dissolving as of January 1, 2017. They will continue fighting on the local and state levels, though.

Some may ask why they are fighting. Here are a few reasons WHY:

  • Flu shots and other vaccines come with severe risks.
  • February 16 to May 16, 2016, there were at least 206 reported vaccine injury cases, 116 of them listed in a report from the Department of Justice.
  • Encephalitis, acute inflammation of the brain, is a known side effect of some vaccinations- such as the live measles vaccine.
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder, is one of the most common injuries of vaccines. While officially still called “rare,” it affects at least 3,000-6,000 people every year, and once someone has it, it can last their whole life. It’s also rarely diagnosed; some naturopathic doctors believe that large numbers of the population may have symptoms of this disorder without knowing it. (The CDC even admits that since the 70s there was a “small increased risk” for GBS following vaccination against swine flu, but doesn’t provide up to date risk-assessments for the new vaccines that are developed each year.)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease, makes the immune system attack the body. A study from 1990 showed that the Rubella vaccine may lead to this condition.
  • Other risks include chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (a neurological disorder), transverse myelitis (an inflammatory disorder), and even death.

The truth is, there are plenty of other ways to boost your immune system, that are both better for your health and less stressful on your system, and yet the medical establishment only seems interested in the one that will make them the most money- in the short AND long run.

Again, the truth is that concrete proof of forcing medical personnel to be vaccinated as a means of protects patients does not exist. In fact, the Cochrane Group, a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health, updated its own meta-analysis to focus on confirmed lab cases of flu and reportedly found “no evidence to support compulsory vaccination of HCW,” according to Prof. Marie Griffin of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Despite that truth, she and her colleagues are STILL in favor of vaccination:

“Vaccination of healthcare workers to protect vulnerable patients and residents of long-term facilities should be viewed as an evidence-based recommendation,” she said.

So despite the uncertainty and lack of concrete evidence, and with clear evidence of serious side effects, people are still being asked to put themselves in harms way- or get fired for refusing.

Source: Alt Health Works

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Go get em ladies. I am not afraid of the flue when I enter a hospital either through the front door or through the emergency room door. What I do fear is MRSA and all those other incurable bacterial infections which lurk in hospitals who do not manage their sanitation procedures and patients health risks.

    Stand your ground and do not let them bully you into risking your life because of a policy they have enacted so they can continue to receive government funds.

  • James Stamulis

    Our government is systematically removing our bill of rights before our eyes but they do it with death by a thousand cuts so as not to be noticed by the average American who today does not even know what rights they have.

  • Flu Baiter

    There are many actually effective methods to reduce the likelihood or reduce the impact of the flu. One very useful approach is to make sure your Vitamin D3 levels (calcitriol) are above 75 (but less than 100) ng/ml of plasma. Vitamin D3, when combined with vitamin C at a level of at least one gram per day will substantially reduce both the likelihood and impact of any flu, colds and other viruses. Vitamin D3 is absolutely dirt cheap. You can research much of this at the Vitamin D council.

  • gene

    I’m glad they are standing up now. I only wish they would have considered us the public when they were shooting us up.I guess it took being mandatory for them; anyway, thank God they are standing up.

  • Alleged Comment

    Maybe they want to kill off healthcare workers? I think it should be voluntary since vaccines have questionable effectiveness making you wonder if it is for profit, control or something even more dastardly.

  • thomas jefferson

    IF nurses refuse VACCINATIONS,why do parents still give them to their children,BECAUSE THE PARENTS IN AMERICA don’t give a dam about their children,parents now days are monkey see monkey do,,,,and that all they care about is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,go ahead morons,POISON your children…I TOLD my daughter NOT to allow anyone to vaccinate her kids,SHE did it anyway,NOW both of my grand kids are LOST FOREVER, they’ll NEVER do anything in their life time, the vaccinations destroyed them……..

  • Anonymous

    That’s great, stand up for your rights! You ladies will be an inspiration to others. Thank you

  • joe schmo

    As explained in detail by TruthWiki, “The influenza inoculation is administered to try to help people become temporarily immune to specific influenza viruses that change completely and unpredictably from season to season, region to region, and from year to year. Popular influenza vaccines like Fluzone, FluLaval and Fluvirin all contain the known neurotoxin mercury. Some flu shot brochures go so far as to promote the flu vaccines by writing that ‘… the viruses in the flu shot are killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot.’ Clearly, the diction contradicts itself by saying first that the virus is ‘killed’ and then putting the word ‘inactivated’ right next to that in parenthesis, which does NOT mean killed, it means the virus is ‘deadened’ or ‘weakened’ or simply ‘deactivated’ because they suspend it using formaldehyde. A virus can lay dormant, trapped in the intramuscular tissue in which it was injected. Meanwhile, the human immune system can panic (fight or flight) trying to look for the invading pathogens.”
    In mercury tests conducted on vaccines by the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, it was found that influenza vaccines manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline contain shocking amounts of highly toxic mercury.

    “Tests conducted document mercury in the Flulaval vaccine at a shocking 51 parts per million, or over 25,000 times higher than the maximum contaminant level of inorganic mercury in drinking water set by the EPA. The tests were conducted by the Health Ranger via ICP-MS using a 4-point mercury calibration curve for accuracy. The concentration of mercury found in this GSK flu shot was 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury ever tested in contaminated fish, still vaccines are injected directly into the body, making them many times more toxic than anything ingested orally,” TruthWiki reports.

    Despite all the warnings and studies that disprove the safety and viability of most vaccines, government agencies — which undoubtedly all have Big Pharma backing them up — continue to advocate these deadly shots. Some experts, who probably have been overcome with guilt at the blatant lies perpetuated by Big Pharma, have confessed to the shady dealings within the CDC.
    To put in bluntly, Big Pharma is and has been the driving force behind this insidious campaign for mandatory vaccinations of all kinds. They aren’t the sole financial benefactors however. The number of doctors and medical research facilities that are in bed with Big Pharma is staggering. As long as they continue to profit handsomely in kickbacks from playing middle man drug pusher the market will continue to exist. The medical industry is just that, an “industry” and people are treated like cattle. The entire health care system is systemically corrupt. Where are all the “enlightened” hospital administrators with a conscience who refuse to enforce such draconian policies? Lol…

  • Larry Deavenport

    Erin its even worse than that, Some hospitals are making it mandatory for you to be vaccinated before they will do surgery on you.


    May Father God bless these Nurses with good health, and a strong voice! Prayerfully, the doctors they work with will also jump on the logic-bandwagon against mandatory vaccinations.

  • Vera

    Patients have the right to refuse any and all treatment but employees don’t. Such crap!

  • cmntr

    what happened to them?

  • Michael Meredith

    2 out of three vax co’s stopped making them due to lawsuits. Then our Pres. let the US gov. pay for insurance, and has since paid out billions of dollars…..IF VACCINATIONS ARE SO SAFE, THE HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THESE THREE FACTS!

  • chickie

    Vaccinations are not JUST about $$$. They are designed to KILL U. Deliberately!
    ….and they will!
    In the old days, the hospitals were rubbed down daily with alcohol. Every single fixture and tools were rubbed down and the doctors and nurses had to sterilize their hands and their uniforms were NOT allowed to be worn on the streets (due to bacteria coming into the hospital.
    When did rules change for docs, nurses and hospitals? When the govts of the world decided to kill all of us.
    Health regulations were eliminated in the hopes that we would die.
    The only health regulations out there now are the ones that will ‘off’ people.
    And who knows who sneaks into your room at night (after you have been given a strong sleeping drug) and administers a lethal injection into your IV (Oops, u died unexpectedly)? The same medical personnel who don’t want vaccines administered to themselves. Gee, I wonder why!

  • chickie

    All the better to kill you faster while your immune system is dealing with the latest vaccine invader. You are now in a weaker condition to come through the surgery.
    They hope they have created the conditions for your death.
    …”by their fruits ye shall know them”. Who said it?

  • Sherrie

    I’m 70. The only time I’ve had the flu is when I got the flu shot.
    I worked 40 years in the medical field and never got the flu or shot during that time.

  • Sherrie

    Yes sadly they are making them mandatory in my area.

  • chickie

    Where is my post regarding the sterile hospitals of long ago????

  • chickie

    Why don’t we have the option to read more comments (other than what’s showing on just this page?)
    When I take the time to write a comment, I would like it to stay posted.
    Otherwise I will think you are censoring (for no reason, I might add).
    If u censor me, then how many others are you censoring? I thought healthnut news was above censoring.
    I won’t bother coming to or posting to your site any more.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    I suspect they suffered serious brain damage, aka autism.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    Oh my!

  • Julie Berry Clark

    I think it’s all of them. Obamacare forces hospitals to require all employees to be vaccinated (money for pharmaceutical), or they withhold some of the Medicare reimbursements, its power play by government.
    It’s also government efforts to decrease population.
    Same for pediatrician.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    I’m a nurse and fortunately I’ve never had to give vaccines. I never gave them much thought, as my kids only got one shot per visit and a total of only about 8 shots by kindergarten. But when my granddaughter came along and I saw HOW MANY they wanted to give this tiny baby, that’s when the alarm bells went off and I started actually learning about them (unlike the 6 years of nursing school she hutch taught us nothing!).