Urgent: Health Care Worker Talks about Mandatory Vaccinations Made With Bugs!


Check out this video from health care worker Lauren Atkison in Georgia. Gives me the shivers.


If you are a health care worker, you need to be aware of what might be demanded of you, should you want to keep your job. Please watch and pass this around. We need to make sure AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE hear this truth.

Thank you to Lauren Atkinson for taking the time to share this truth with us.

Source: Facebook (Lauren’s page)

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Janet Robinson-Gillmore

    I see that this has had over 3 million views. That is a good sign.

  • sure is Janet!!!!

  • sewsandy

    California has been making employees have flu shots for years. It is to protect the patients, not you.

  • Lynne

    she asks the ultimate question…why, when so many of us think a certain way, do we STILL succumb to the sheep mentality when logic itself tells us if we stick together on something, that is where our power is, and that is how we change things. if we just keep backing up in fear and “take the medicine”, we are playing into the hands of the powers that will just keep on pushing their agendas because they will never have enough power, enough money, enough control to satisfy their hunger for the very thing they unconsciously seek.

  • Lynne

    you just missed the whole point.

  • Marina Cam Wojciechowicz

    I work at a hospital in Nj in a clerical position; zero patient contact. Ive always resisted the shot amid heavy pressure, although this year my employer has informed us…no shot, no bonus, plus a negative mark on our employee reviews. Its getting worse and worse

  • Can you just lie and say you got it somewhere else? I wouldn’t want anyone injecting me with that poison.

  • Ashley Jestin

    totally missed the point.. flu shot is fine, its the crap they put with it that we dont want. If there was an option that suited my lifestyle (vegan, organic, merc free, no formaldhyde) id perhaps reconsider. California has succeeded vaccination sheep, you should be proud