Not all medical doctors agree with the vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC. However, while they might not agree with it, so many go along with it out of fear. They may even be unconvinced about the science of vaccines but they persist, terrified of damaging their reputation.


They put others at risk because they are afraid of losing their reputations at the hands of Big Pharma.

“Of course, there are independently-minded doctors who are willing to express their concerns about CDC vaccine policies and views promoted by medical trade associations and government agencies. Pro-vaccine pediatricians Bob Sears, MD and Jay Gordon, MD, who have been labeled as “anti-vaxxers” and “quacks,” are given those labels because they are not fans of mandatory vaccination laws and simply prefer to be respectful of the informed consent rights of their patients when it comes to vaccination.”1

Another one of these “the science of vaccines isn’t settled” doctors is John Abramson, MD of the Harvard Medical School and author of the national best-selling book Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine. A family physician for 22 years, he’s been twice voted as “best doctor” in his area by residents and chosen three times by his peers as one of “a handful of best family practitioners” in Massachusetts. He’s the real deal.

And even HE can’t say what he really thinks on the topic:

“I would have to take the coward’s way out. I can’t talk on that issue. The pharmaceutical industry watches everything I do, and if I take a stand that I can’t defend… But the bottom line is that I think, what the science is, is incomplete. There is no question about it. And the politics of it, as the way it’s done, as a legal matter, and the inability of people who are injured by vaccines to sue for compensation, preventing plaintiffs’ lawyers from getting to the scientific data, it’s big problems. And, uh, that’s really all I can say. Because again, everything I say in public, uh, is well read. So I apologize.”2



There’s something so broken and so wrong about a medical system when a well-respected doctor can’t say what he really thinks. When in God’s name are people going to wake up? I hope it’s not too late once we finally start doing something about the damage we are doing to our children.

For all our sakes.

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