This week, after planning for two years, 69-year-old Hester Burkhalter, a great-grandmother from North Carolina, arrived at the gates of Walt Disney World to have the trip of a lifetime with her family, only to be arrested for possession of CBD oil. She is now facing a felony charge and had a 12-hour stay in jail before posting bail.

“Like all Walt Disney World guests, Burkhalter had to go through the bag check line outside of the Transportation and Ticket Center, where her bag underwent inspection. This is where the CBD oil was found inside of her purse, which Burkhalter said she had a letter from her doctor for. However, this was not enough for Florida deputies.

After security found the CBD oil, Burkhalter was then arrested on property and taken into custody.”1

According to Burkhalter, the CBD oil contained 0 MG of THC (the cannabinoid responsible for getting someone high). However, according to her arrest report, when it was tested by a deputy it came back positive for THC.

Prosecutors later dropped the charges against Burkhalter but the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said its deputy was following the law.1



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