For those of us who know (or knew) our grandparents, do you ever remember a time when a food allergy prevented them from enjoying something? I know personally that had I told my grandmother I was allergic to some food she would have laughed and been sure I was confused. “How on earth could you be allergic to food?” she would say, laughing.

Now, think about all the kids in one of your child’s classrooms (if you don’t have kids, you know- improvise here). Count how many DON’T have food allergies.

So why didn’t our grandparents have food allergies? Plain and simply:

1) They ate seasonal, real food.

In the early 1900’s our food came from farms and small markets. And, because food preservatives were not widely used food was fresh. Thanks to the lack of processed food their diets were nutrient dense.

2) They didn’t diet or play restrictive games with their bodies and metabolism. They ate when food was available.

I cannot think of a time when my grandmother dieted. Not even my great-grandmother who was a little on the larger side! Our grandparents didn’t have to pay attention to fad diets, food marketing, calorie counting, or any other dieting habits that are popular today because there was no need. They had a healthy metabolism and ate what they craved when they were hungry.

3) They cooked meals at home, preparing food from scratch.

Buying processed food was not an option and eating out was a rare luxury. However, those habits actually contributed to their good health.

4) They didn’t eat GMOs, food additives, stabilizers, or thickeners.

Back then, food wasn’t full of additives, antibiotics, and hormones. It was just real, whole, natural food.

5) They ate the whole animal, including mineral-rich bone broth AND organ meats. 

The article tells us, “Animal bones were saved or bought to make broths and soups, and organ meats always had a special place at the dinner table. These foods were valued for their medicinal properties, and never went to waste.”

6) They didn’t go to the doctor when they felt sick or take prescription meds. Doctor visits were only for accidental injuries and life-threatening illness. 

When our grandparents got a fever there were a NUMBER of natural remedies they could use that had been passed down through the ages. And when they got sick they ate soups, broths, and got lots of rest. They knew their bodies and they trusted their immune system to heal itself, much more than we do today. In fact, their food was medicine, whether they knew it or not. Although something tells me they did.


Our grandparents didn’t have the option to stay inside- there was nothing to do! They were outside exploring, playing, AND GETTING DIRTY! (I bet their gut biomes were incredibly diverse.)

So, what do these things have to do with food allergies?

Just remember, nutrition affects EVERY cell in our body and the health of our cells depends on our diet and lifestyle. Cells create tissues, tissues create organs, and we are made up of a system of organs. So, if your nutrition is inadequate, the integrity of each cell, every tissue, and organ in your body will suffer.

I changed my diet and life years ago and while the take might seem daunting, you can do it! To read my story, click here.

Source: Butter Nutrition