Wow. Rick Scott is one brazen politician.

First, he has huge financial stakes in both the Zika mosquito spray and the fracked gas pipeline (which will tear through the center of Florida, read about that here) and now this:

Rick Scott announced that due to inaction by the federal government- to allocate funding to fight Zika- $25 million in state funds will be authorized to support research to develop a vaccine against the Zika virus and enhance Zika testing methods.

To date, Scott has used his emergency executive authority to authorize $61.2 million in state funds (yes- OUR MONEY!) for Zika issues: $26.2 million in July, $10 million last week for Zika preparedness and preparation (what does that even mean?!), and $25 million today for “research and development.”

From the article:

“The $25 million in state funding will be allocated following a competitive grant process by the Florida Department of Health. This funding will be spent for the purpose of Zika research, including:

  • Expediting the development of a vaccine to prevent Zika infection; and
  • The development of innovative, cost-effective Zika testing methods. (Get ready folks! They already showed up unannounced for peoples’ blood here in Florida- read about that here)”

Governor Scott says he’s doing it to protect pregnant women and their developing babies. I’m not sure I believe that’s why he’s doing it though. Maybe he’s doing it to distract from what he’s done and currently working on. Maybe he needs some good press. Maybe he’s doing it because he has another financial interest in the outcome. The truth is the man is so vile, so untrustworthy, that it’s difficult to hear anything that comes out of his mouth WITHOUT wondering what his ultimate motives actually are!

More from the article:

“Yet, despite endless claims of support from those within both parties, nothing has been done. Every minute that passes that Congress doesn’t approve funding means more time is lost from researching this virus. For the sake of our state’s future children, this is time we cannot afford to waste.”

(Many scientists state it’s not Zika but the SPRAY- that Rick Scott has $$ in- that’s the real cause!)

He goes on to say, “…but we still need the federal government to do their part to fully fund this mission. While I hope the federal government will recognize the dire importance of developing a vaccine and immediately pass funding, we will continue to allocate every available resource from the state. I look forward to seeing research partners across Florida come together to help combat the Zika virus and ensure our state is safe.”

Again, we have to wonder- do you own stock in Zika vaccines too, Mr Scott? You bought your way into this election with $75 million of your own money (however you earned it) and won by a super tiny margin, so nothing should surprise me. I put nothing past you. Nothing.

Source: USA Today (who have no soul- how could they post this piece of Rick Scott drivel, failing to mention his wife’s multi-million dollar investment in mosquito spray (Zika) companies.)