Brian and Brittany Schear were with their two children on a flight leaving Hawaii bound for LA when they were told their 2-year-old, who was sitting in a car seat, in the seat they purchased a ticket for, would have to give up his seat.


When Mr. Schear decided to question the airline, ‘Well, you should have thought of (that) before you oversold the flight. I bought that seat,’ he was threatened with jail. He claims a member of the staff told him:

“You have to give up the seat or you’re going to jail, your wife is going to jail and they’ll take your kids from you.”

Whether it was a bluff or not, it struck fear into Mrs. Schear. So, after a long debate, they agreed to have the two-year-old sit on one of their laps. And that’s when things took a turn; the airline escorted them off the plane and as they deboarded, they saw four or five passengers waiting. Once again, the airline oversold the flight.
(In the above video you can hear an airline employee saying the reason they could use the 2-year-olds seat was because it was originally purchased for the couple’s teenage son, who decided to take another flight. The Schear’s still paid for the ticket and the airline could have very easily changed the name on the ticket. But, why on earth would they do that when they could charge double for it?)
Not only did the couple NOT get a refund, but they were forced to book a hotel room that night and buy three more plane tickets the following day.

The airline has said “We are sorry for what this family experienced. Our team has reached out, and we will be talking with them to better understand what happened and come to a resolution.” Now that the video and story are going viral, I bet they are.

Source: Daily Mail