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Girl, 8, left with no skin after horrific allergic reaction to childhood vaccination meant it fell off when mum touched her

Girl, 8, left with no skin after horrific allergic reaction to childhood vaccination meant it fell off when mum touched her

At 18 months old, Isabel Olesen of Melbourne, Australia was taken to her pediatrician’s office for routine vaccinations (the kind that almost never cause a reaction and yet, our website is FULL of children who have suffered or died from very “rare” vaccine reactions) that ended up leaving her partially blind and covered with painful blisters all over her body, just 48 hours later.

Part of the problem with the one size fits all vaccine schedule is that you can’t tell when a child has Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) – a rare but life-threatening allergic reaction to medication or an infection. And Isabel had the worst form of SJS that doctors had ever seen. In fact, when Mom Edwina would touch her daughter, her skin would fall off. 1

It took three months of fighting for her life in the hospital, but even though Isabel lost the majority of her sight (SJS can break down the membranes around the eyes and cause them to become extremely dry) and needed to learn to walk, eat, and talk all over again- she’s now a healthy second grader who loves to ride her bike and run triathlons.

Her mother, a self-employed product designer, said:

“I’d never seen anything like it, Isabel’s skin was red raw, when I moved her head the skin from her eyebrows and cheek would fall into my hands. The smell of burning flesh was stuck to my hands for weeks, it was so traumatizing to see her so unwell.

While in hospital we were called by nurses who warned that she might not make it through. I was terrified and my heart was racing so fast that I could have passed out on the way to the hospital. Thankfully she was a fighter and made it through.

SJS is such an awful disease but I’d never heard of it until Isabel was diagnosed.” 2   

Mom Edwina hopes that by sharing Isabel’s story it will raise awareness about SJS.

Isabel was in agonizing pain (Image: Caters News Agency)


However, a spokesman for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency of Australia, the country who famously coin “No jab, no pay,” was quick to point out that while their “sympathy” was with the family, serious allergic reactions to vaccines are extremely rare and they aren’t totally sure “what vaccine the child was administered or if other causes of the SJS were ruled out.” 3

Right? Cuz the point isn’t that parents should educate themselves, rather, it’s that we should all just shut up and take whatever they offer us- no matter the cost.

We are so thankful that Isabel is doing better and hope that parents will read this story and the THOUSANDS like it and educate themselves before they blindly allow their children to be pumped full of vaccines.

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