If you don’t know Gary Webb that’s not a surprise. There’s nothing particularly intriguing about him and there are no indications that he’s more than ordinary or carrying an extraordinary message. But, ordinary he is not.

In 1996, Webb was given access to secret grand jury transcripts. After following their paper trail he made the shocking discovery that the government informant Oscar Danilo Blandón was selling (covertly) tons of cocaine for the CIA in South Central LA. Webb’s research revealed that this action was what sparked the crack epidemic during the 1980’s and 90’s and that the funds from the sale of those drugs were being used to fund “CIA trained terrorists in Nicaragua to overthrow the Sandinista government who had recently ousted the U.S. backed military dictatorship of the Somoza Dynasty.”

Let that sink in. This isn’t conjecture. It’s fact. People can drone on and on about conspiracy theorists but once you look at the underbelly of our extremely corrupt government and see things like this, it makes you question- and rightly so- the entire thing. Purple isn’t necessarily purple.


From the article:

“When Gary originally broke this mind blowing story, the arrogant authority’s assumed they could simply ignore him and hope he’d go away. But they underestimated the paradigm shifting power of the internet, and the intelligence of Webb, who not only listed the explosive story online — far beyond the reaches of the mainstream media — but he also listed the necessary documents and audio recordings one would need to verify his remarkable claims too. In other words, Gary was one of the original alternative media personalities to effectively challenge the information monopoly of the establishment press, and directly put the power of research and fact checking into the hands of the people. What followed was national outrage, particularly from the black population who were hit the hardest by the unparalleled flood of cocaine into their neighborhoods.1

Once the story began to take on a life of its own the mainstream media began to demonize Gary aggressively (and some still do).2 In fact, Webb would later note that some of the journalists attacking him were directly linked to the CIA. Again, no surprise- the Agency’s has a well documented history of manipulating the media.

But sadly, the pressure became so intense that his marriage fell apart, his employer backed away from the story, and he had to leave the company. Within months of all that he was found dead with two bullet holes to the head. His death was ruled suicide and the investigation was closed.3


You can hear Gary discuss this in more depth below;

Although Webb was physically silenced in death, you cannot ever fully silence the truth. In 2014, the movie Kill the Messenger came out, not to rewrite history, but rather to take a controversial true story and give it to the masses.

Thank you for your courage, Gary Webb.


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