In what will likely come as no surprise to many, a recent report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution detailed the prevalence of sexual misconduct in doctor’s offices and the inaction of state medical boards that allow wrongdoers to continue practicing medicine.
But it’s not just a lack of accountability in state medical boards that’s worrisome, it’s the fact that state medical boards have been actively working to shut down doctors who provide a different approach to medical care.

In the U.S., medicine is based almost entirely on the allopathic model (re: conventional, you get sick, go to the doctor, get a pill). But, there are other options; integrative physicians typically favor a more “natural” approach to medicine. But, just in case you haven’t spent a lot of time on our page, don’t think for one moment that integrative physicians aren’t “often on the cutting edge of medicine.” In fact, doctors who practice a more whole body approach, fully embrace the now popular “personalized” medicine and have been doing so for longer. (Let’s not forget too that integrative physicians use innovative lab tests to catch diseases before they become serious issues, think thermography.)


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Prominent Holistic MD (Florida) has License Revoked After Recommending Integrative Medicine For Adult Patient

From the article:

“As is often the case with new and innovative ideas that challenge established orthodoxies, integrative medicine and the doctors who practice it have become targets of state medical boards.  Stacked with conventional doctors, the boards persecute those physicians who sway from the mainstream.

This abuse can come in many forms. Alternative practitioners can be hit with substantial penalties for trivial record-keeping infractions far beyond what such minor violations normally incur. They can be sanctioned as a result of anonymous complaints that cite no patient harm. The purpose of these actions is not to protect patients, but to punish the practice of alternative forms of medicine.”

In fact, here are just a few examples from Washington’s Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC):

  • An integrative physician was investigated for prescribing HGH “off- label” (completely legal, FDA-recognized, and done by every licensed physician in the US) and eventually had his license revoked for three years and was fined $5,000.
  • A conventional doctor also prescribed HGH off-label, was given a reprimand and a $5,000 fine.
  • A conventional physician prescribed a drug contra-indicated for a patient’s condition, the patient died, MQAC refused to investigate or charge the doctor.

State medical boards are failing us by protecting disgusting behavior and waging war against forms of medicine that compete with theirs. We have rights. Major reforms are LONG overdue.

Source: The Hill