Amuri Grounding Sandals

As you know we give lots of goodies away here at Health Nut News. 100 dollar plus organic pet gift set giveaways, high speed blenders, supplements, organic makeup and now cool Amuri Grounding shoes (be grounded to the earth even with your shoes on!)  These are a size 9 (woman) and size 7 (men) and the coolest new uber unisex shoes out there. Great for wearing to Yoga or anywhere you please!

Just SEND AN EMAIL WITH THE SUBJECT ” SHOES ”  to [email protected] and you’re all set. 

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Ironically I got delayed with this contest due to breaking my foot over the holidays in a little accident while traveling (never broke a foot before- yikes!)

We have about a dozen more giveaways coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned!



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