(Note from Erin: This happened right here on the coast of Florida. So sad to report this today.)

This week, thousands of dead bees washed up on the popular Naples, Florida beach- Lowdermilk Park. People were even being stung because they didn’t realize what they were stepping on.

Most residents and visitors to the ocean expect to see seaweed or seashells, they even look out for jellyfish, but no one expects to see dead or dying bees rolling in.

One local resident said, “It’s just really between the water and the sand. I’ve been stung a couple of times, and at first, I didn’t know what it was, and then I realized, and then I had an allergic reaction.”

Bee experts explain that it’s uncommon for bees to wash up on the beach (you think?) and that it could be due to nearby pesticide spraying, which forced them into the water. They also speculated that a swarm could have flow over the water and become exhausted but that sounds fishy to me.

If they go. We go. That’s a plain and simple fact and that’s why we’ve got to continue to work against evil companies like Monsanto. Pesticides are going to be the death of our world.

Source: Fox News