For some time, Corey Feldman has talked about the Hollywood Elite pedophilia ring that goes straight to the top. In fact, he’s even attributed the death of his best friend, child actor star Corey Haim, in part to being abused as a child by these ‘sick elite’- even more than he was.


And so it was no surprise that just after he announced he would name names- all the way to the very top- he was arrested for small possession of cannabis and nearly killed (he says). Yes, it could be a coincidence. It could also be an attempt to shut him up.

He’s now asking for help to expose a major studio and its top executives, some of whom appear to be top names in Hollywood.

Having lived there 8 years, I have heard of these stories by those who helped run the studios, and some of the presidents of the largest studios that exist, who they swear were pedophiles.


Please watch Corey’s video above. He is so brave and we are standing with him. We hope others will also be brave and help him to expose this abuse from the bottom to the top.