Tristan, a severely autistic 19-year-old who weighs just 55 pounds is non-verbal and self mutilates, has  lived a tough life that has just gotten more difficult. When his mother died last year, he moved in with his grandmother. But she died last month.

And unlike CPS, who has placed his two younger siblings, Adult Protective Services doesn’t take custody of adults. We’ve been warned that an epidemic of autistic young adults needing care was upon us but no one has listened.


This is just the beginning. And the kids, unable to care for themselves, are caught in the crossfire.

Although APS can help find a group or nursing home for kids like Tristan, with his disabilities it’s all the more difficult.

Vicki Shackelford, who was best friends with Tristan’s grandmother and has known him since he was born, says Tristan is suffering and deserves better (without any other options, she dropped Tristan off at the emergency room and left him there in hopes he will get the care he needs)1.


We simply must do better for these kids, these people, these living, breathing human beings. And fast.

If you are in Houston and need help with an adult that is disabled, click here.


  1. FOX 26 Houston