Although many veterinarians continue to dismiss them, thousands of pet owners all over the country are continuing to cry out that something is wrong: their pets are dying from vaccines. Owners report a variety of side effects, from tumors to autoimmune diseases to cancer.

Each state has its own set of laws about which vaccines your pet needs and how often and you should educate yourself. For instance, in Ohio, “guidelines state that pets should receive their core vaccines, which include parvo and distemper, every three years. Rabies vaccines, however, are required by law every three years.” 1In some counties in Florida where we live rabies is required every year!

“Dr. John Robb, a veterinarian based in Connecticut, said pets are being over-vaccinated as a way for the veterinary industry to make money.

‘These animals – they’re so sick. And they suffer so much. And we’re doing it to them for money. It doesn’t have to be that way.’”2

Currently, just like with kids, every dog, regardless of weight or size, gets the same dose of each vaccine. And that doesn’t make ANY SENSE AT ALL.


Dr. Robb goes on to say that a big problem is the fact that veterinarians don’t always report the correct cause of death:

“’It’s not required by law they be reported. And the last thing [veterinarians] want to be guilty of is giving something medically that injures their patients. So they deny it. They claim it’s something else.’

In the medical field, it’s called ‘idiopathic,’ which means the cause of death is unknown.

‘But in every case,’ Dr. Robb said, ‘if you look at the records you see they’ve been vaccinated a short time previously.’”3 


An easy way around that would be for vets to do titer tests (they measure whether or not your pet actually needs a vaccine). However, according to the current law, regardless of what a titer might say your pet must get its rabies shot every three years.


Dr. Robb is working to change the rabies laws and plans to introduce legislation in several states. Click this link to read more about the Protect the Pets movement.

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