Former VA Officer Says he was ORDERED to Stop Investigation into Doctor’s Mysterious Death


Detective Ken Collier, a former Veterans Affairs police detective, recently said that he was ordered off his investigation last year after he began looking at links between the suspicious deaths of Dr. Brenda Thurman and Dr. John Marshall (they died six days apart in January of 2016).

Health Nut News was the first site world-wide to question the death of 4th generation Marine Dr. Marshall, in his 40s, who they say accidentally “fell” into a river and drowned. He had survival training and had served several tours of duty in Afghanistan. We knew something was off.

After several VA employees came to Detective Collier about what they believed was a connection between Thurman, a VA counselor who was shot and killed by her husband Dwayne Thurman on Jan. 18, and the death of Dr  Marshall, who went missing on Jan. 25 and was found the next day floating in the Spokane River, he felt it was worth looking into.


However, before Collier could get started he was taken off the case by VA Police Chief Jeffrey Hayter, who told him to “drop the investigation”. Then, last summer when Collier traveled to Arkansas for a crime scene processing class, upon his return to Spokane, he found out that someone had broken into his police desk and taken his investigative file into the two deaths. Thankfully, he had made copies.

Chief Hayter was later asked why he pulled Collier off the investigation, and a VA spokesman- Bret Bowers- responded in a written statement:

“Mann-Grandstaff VAMC Police never had a formal investigation opened with regard to either Brenda Thurman or John Marshall, as no crime was alleged to have occurred on VA grounds.”

Clean and succinct. No one wants to know. Why don’t people look into connections like this? Because they won’t want to know what the connection is (because there’s something there) or because someone doesn’t WANT them to know about the connection. There’s no other reason.

And Collier wasn’t just grasping at straws, either. He knew something was off. After all, he had responded to a request by Suzan Marshall (also an MD) to search for her husband. He was the one who had crawled down the bank of the Spokane River just downstream from the Monroe Street Bridge. They started and ended their search in the exact spot his body washed up the next day. Marshall had not only suffered broken ribs and a broken sternum, but his iPod ear buds were still in his ears and iPod testing indicated his body had not been submerged for long. Collier smelled foul play for a reason.

Spokane Police Detective Brian Cestnik initially explored several theories but eventually ended the investigation without conclusion—including never issuing a formal request to have the victim’s computer searched. In fact, Marshall’s remains at the VA, were untouched because detectives were told by Chief Hayter that it was “password-encrypted and there was nothing on that computer.” Now, how did he know that?

I know the word “conspiracy” is one that no one likes to throw around casually, but what’s going on here? Why did the investigation stop? Why has that computer not been looked at? Where did that body come from, all of a sudden, if he didn’t drown?

So many questions still remain.

Oh, and the investigator hired by Dr Marshall’s wife (Suzan Marshall MD) states that it was indeed murder.

Source: Spokeman

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Erin Elizabeth


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  • Jeanne Price

    call the CDC the Centers for Disease CREATION…the D stands for
    Denial, Deception and Disinformation. The CDC is the incestuous whore of
    the Vaccine Manufacturers and the Pharmaceutical Companies as is the
    wish we had. Our granddaughter was injured by the DTaP vaccine at 18
    months. She stopped making eye contact, stopped all language and
    started having meltdowns that we now know were seizures. That began our
    research on Vaccines.
    My daughter did her Capstone
    Project for her Masters In Legal Studies at WVU on Vaccines. What she
    uncovered about the legal history of Vaccines, the laws passed that make
    the industry free from accountability and allow them to actually
    withhold information about the dangers of vaccines, as well as cases
    that have gone before the Supreme Court…would make your hair stand on
    To date the count of doctors who have spoken out on
    the dangers of vaccines and have died mysteriously or have been
    murdered in now above 60…They have paid with their lives to try to
    warn us…
    Forced vaccination are against the Nuremberg
    Code….which states that no one can be forced to submit to any medical
    procedure without “informed consent”…WE DO NOT HAVE INFORMED CONSENT
    Another Code broken is the Hippocratic Oath that every doctor takes…

  • Zoe guy

    “I call the CDC the Centers for Disease CREATION…”


    Many years ago, George Orwell predicted this would happen.

    He wrote that in the future, everything would be upside down, backwards, and inside out, just as it is now.

    “Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information, and religions destroy spirituality.” ~ Michael Ellner