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imprisoned for buying Sudafed

Imprisoned for Buying Sudafed

Ah right here in our own sunshine state:

Mickey Lynn Goodson was allegedly told by a Winn Dixie pharmacist in Florida to buy 2 boxes of Sudafed for her allergy flare up. No sooner had she and her husband purchased the allergy medicine that Officer Moore drove up in an unmarked car and took them both into custody.

From the article “Imprisoned for Buying Sudafed


 Defendant Buckhalt arrived, with other deputies, and searched the Goodsons’ car. They were taken to a sheriff’s station, where Buckhalt asked if he could search their home. The Goodson said no, “unless there was a search warrant. Buckhalt then said, ‘Oh, I’ll get a search warrant,'” according to the complaint. 

     After being held for two to three hours, Goodson says, she left the Sheriff’s office. 
     She was arrested and handcuffed on her front porch, by a deputy who asked her, “What have you gotten rid of?” Goodson says. 
     She replied, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” but was taken back to the county jail and booked in, charged with possession of a controlled substance. 


All charges were dropped 15 long months after she was arrested. Turns out the judge said he’d have never issued the warrant if he’d seen there hadn’t been actual probable cause or any evidence anyway.  Goodson is suing the department and  seeks punitive damages for false arrest, false imprisonment, Fourth Amendment violations and negligence.