Here’s one thing people don’t normally worry about when they go in for surgery: that their doctor knows what their organs look like and where they are. And yet, according to the Florida Board of Medicine, a West Palm Beach surgeon must now pay “a $3,000 fine for removing a woman’s healthy kidney that he thought was a tumor.”1


In 2016, Ramon Vazquez cut Maureen Pacheco open so two other surgeons could perform back surgery. However, when Vazquez saw a kidney that had never ascended into her abdomen (he didn’t review her medical records prior to surgery) and believing it to be a cancerous tumor near her pelvis- removed it without her consent.

Vazquez was sued for malpractice and must now attend training on preoperative patient evaluation. Pacheco also sued the two primary doctors who each settled for $250,000.


I’m nearly speechless. How on earth this surgeon still has a job is beyond what I can comprehend!



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