(Note from Erin: I’ve made no secret about how I feel about our Governor, Mr. Scott. However, my concerns about him are continuously confirmed with each news cycle.)

About 10 days ago we wrote about the nursing home victims, who lived across the street from a hospital, who died shortly after Hurricane Irma rolled through town. Now it seems that a staffer from The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills- Natasha Anderson- was given the governor’s cell phone number and instructed to call it if there was an emergency. When the situation became dire she called and left messages but no help came. And now it’s been uncovered that “aides to the governor wrote down the information in the messages,”1 and THEN DELETED THEM. This obviously means that the messages won’t be able to be used as evidence in the criminal probe of the 11 resident deaths.


“In the 36 hours before the first patient died in the suffocating heat caused by a failure in the air conditioning’s dedicated power supply, Anderson said she called four times and said that the nursing home needed “immediate assistance.”

Gov. Scott claims that no one at the nursing home ever said that patients were in danger or that the situation had reached a crisis level.

Unfortunately, no one can currently verify whether he’s telling the truth.” 2

How does this man continue to be elected? Why does he still have his job? I cannot fathom how.


At this point it’s a “he said, she said” game; the governor has shut off the facility’s Medicare and Medicaid funding and the company is blamings the governor for the deaths. We will keep you posted as this story develops.



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