To bring you up to speed. Much of the nation is being hit by the spray-fest over the Zika hysteria. Congress is asking for another BILLION to spend on combating a virus that they say *could* affect pregnant women, though many scientists and doctors disagree.  CNN, Huffington Post and others are reporting on the birth defects and millions of bees dying.

First it was the morbid but questionable association with microcephaly, the strange timing of releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes, then vaccine development at break-neck speed, and officials going door-to-door collecting people’s bodily fluids (I broke that one month before last!) oh and not to mention our own governor here in Florida investing in this toxic spray! (which he tried to hide)

Then there was the ridiculous knee-jerk motion to spray the public – in Florida – with a toxic pesticide called Dibrom (That’s morbid spelled backwards!– Naled is active ingredient)  in order to eradicate mosquitoes – despite health effects that are arguably worse than the virus Zika. And just when you thought you could take a little vay-cay to get away from it all – there were renewed reports of airlines dousing the inside of their planes with pesticides despite the enclosed airspace for their passengers which we broke the news on here and here (with pictures from one of our actual readers!) 

So this was shared to me from a mutual friend of FB friend Patrick Thomas and Va Truth. Check it out below.

This is real folks. Links are provided below!! Read ON!

Patrick Thomas on Facebook wrote way back in February (why are we not seeing this now- some we’ve already reported on)

Mr Thomas said

(Feb. 2, 2016 << Yes we missed this in February!)

“Governor Rick Scott has declared a Zika health emergency in several counties (yep way back then)

Could this Zika-panic create a situation where Florida citizens are force-vaccinated and force-quarantined?

Is everyone aware that Florida has legislation that passed in 2002 which gives the state health director dictatorial powers to force-vaccinate and quarantine “by any means necessary” under a so-called “health emergency”?

This is Florida’s version of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. Please pay close attention to Section 4(b) at the very bottom within the next post below.

I quote from this piece of legislation:

381.0011 Duties and powers of the Department of Health.—It is the duty of the Department of Health to:

(6) Declare, enforce, modify, and abolish quarantine of persons, animals, and premises as the circumstances indicate for controlling communicable diseases or providing protection from unsafe conditions that pose a threat to public health, except as provided in ss. 384.28 and 392.545-392.60.

(a) The department shall adopt rules to specify the conditions and procedures for imposing and releasing a quarantine. The rules must include provisions related to:

1. The closure of premises.

2. The movement of persons or animals exposed to or infected with a communicable disease.

3. The tests or prophylactic treatment, including vaccination, for communicable disease required prior to employment or admission to the premises or to comply with a quarantine.

7. Methods of quarantine.

(b) Any health regulation that restricts travel or trade within the state may not be adopted or enforced in this state except by authority of the department.

The State Health Officer, upon declaration of a public health emergency, may take actions that are necessary to protect the public health. Such actions include, but are not limited to:

4. Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated or treated for reasons of health, religion or conscience may be subjected to quarantine.

a. Examination, testing, vaccination, or treatment may be performed by any qualified person authorized by the State Health Officer.

b. If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to quarantine. If there is no practical method to quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.”

If that isn’t food for though- we don’t know what it. We are living in a time of more transparency where people can use the internet as an instrument or tool to find the laws and links on the books and share them with you the reader. Share this far and wide!

XO Erin Elizabeth in Florida