Oregon’s first ever marijuana growers’ fair came last month, where bounties of farmers competed to see their plants become one of nine finalists en route to the Oregon state fair.

First State Sponsored Marijuana Fair

The competition consisted of three categories, of which each would have three winners.

One of the judges, Ed Rosenthal, also known as the Guru of Ganja to many in the community, moved from plant to plant to examine the quality.  “The first thing is health and to make sure they don’t have infections and then to make sure they … don’t have nutrient deficiencies. Then, we look at the structure of the plant: Has it been getting as much sun as it should be getting? Is it sunburned?” he asked.

Another cannabis farmer, Danny Grimm, owner of Uplifted, explained how winning the contest would be great publicity for his budding empire.  “It’s great to put it on our portfolio and get publicity here and get our name out there,” he said. “That is huge for the cannabis industry, and it’s definitely a step in the right direction for us. We’ve been waiting for this for years.”

“For those of us who have been doing this a long time,” said James Knox, “this is a breath of fresh air because we’re able to work openly and in the light.”  Knox had a booth at the event and was showing people how to use do-it-yourself grow packages.

The organizer of the event referred to it as an “historic event” and noted that it is the first time cannabis will openly exist at the state fair.  “It’s not to tempt people to use marijuana,” said Donald Morse, the man who conceptualized the event. “It is to educate. Cannabis is Oregon’s newest farm crop.”

*Article originally appeared at Minds.