By Holistic Doctor Cilla Whatcott

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The ABC’s of HP

HP stands for homeoprophylaxis.  It’s pronounced home-ee-oo-pro-fil-axis. HP is a natural, non-toxic method to educate the immune system. It’s the green alternative to vaccines.  It is utilized by those who opt not to use conventional vaccines.  Mothers of children who have suffered vaccine injuries, or who have severe allergies to components of vaccines, pregnant women, immunocompromised individuals, all have expressed interest in an alternative.  HP is a safe alternative for these individuals.

Where is HP?

HP has been around for over 200 years. It’s used in many other countries including Cuba, India, South America, Mexico, Germany, France and Italy.  Efforts to promote HP in the U.S. have been underway for a number of years.

This year’s conference, “HP: The Evidence-Based Choice,” being held in St Petersburg, Florida October 7-9 will be a gathering of researchers and experts focused upon informing the public about HP.  Parents, lay people, and those medically trained are all welcome to attend. One intention of the conference is to familiarize professionals with HP well enough to be confident in recommending it or referring to it.  The conference’s mission is to equip local practitioners with the knowledge about this method of building immunity naturally.  And, to educate parents and other adults that they do indeed have a choice.

The 2015 conference, held in Dallas, TX was a huge success and brought together researchers and experts from Australia, Germany, Canada, the U.S. and Netherlands to introduce the concept to the public in a large-scale public forum for the first time.

What is HP?

HP is homeopathic in nature. Homeopathy is an energetic form of treatment that dilutes and potentizes natural substances to act upon the vital force, or energy system, of an individual. Produced in FDA approved pharmacies under very stringent guidelines, HP is administered in small pellets that are taken orally.  HP is NOT a homeopathic vaccine.  It is simply a method to familiarize the immune system with a disease on the energetic level prior to coming into contact with that disease naturally. The individual may either repel the disease altogether, or if contracted, will be more able to mount a natural and adequate immune response to the disease naturally.   NO method is 100% effective – not vaccines, not HP, nor any other method. 

Has HP Been Studied?

There are many observational studies over the past 200 years examining HP. Some studies include over 2 million people. Many have taken place since the year 2000.  There have been a few double blind placebo controlled studies with HP for influenza. “Observation” is medicine’s oldest and most dependable first line of inquiry when forming hypotheses, answering questions, and making discoveries. HP needs more studies by reputable sources and these are underway. 

Is it Safe?

There has never been a death or injury from the use of HP with children, adults, or pregnant women. It is non-toxic, contained no preservatives, adjuvents, antibiotics or toxic components of any kind. When children accidentally swallow large amounts, there is no cause for concern since this is an energetic form of treatment. There are no molecules of the original substance. 

How to Find HP

There are many sources for HP. Programs for childhood diseases and for tropical diseases when traveling are available.  It’s essential to be supervised by a trained and competent practitioner who knows how to support you in administering this method.  Many groups and individuals are offering HP programs in the U.S. as well as other countries. Finding someone with whom you can relate to and work with comfortably is important since the program for childhood diseases lasts approximately three years. One such source is where both individuals and health professionals are invited to learn more.

Is HP for Me?

With any aspect of your health, or the health of your children, it’s essential to do your homework and carefully gather all the information you can before making choices. HP is not a “replacement” for vaccination. It is a conscious method to enhance immunity based upon sound homeopathic principles and common sense.  It is utilized and appreciated by many people around the world and shown to be safe and effective. 


Work_1Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, PhD is a classical homeopath and the author of two books on this subject. Her most recent book is There is a Choice—Homeoprophylaxis. She is the founder and organizer of and its conference. Follow the conference in Facebook @worldwidechoice Contact Cilla at: [email protected]