I’m not proud to have been the first to break the news to the health world about the death of John Marshall, MD nor am I proud to be the first site on the internet to question his death. (You can click here to read the story I did questioning the mysterious manner of his death in January, which I believe was well before autopsy results were even in.)

Many laughed at me saying it was simply an accident- like the police said- and that I should let it go. But I didn’t (read the entire doctor death series here– most of whom were holistic) and neither did KROM Spokane, who also questioned the death and didn’t let up on their coverage, even though it was swept under the rug by local authorities.

Dr. Marshall was one of the few in the series that wasn’t holistic, but right away I saw the red flags. And those flags have become “redder” as more and more families of the doctors hire investigators only to find their loved one didn’t die in an accident or by “suicide”.

Here’s my original article, from nearly 12 months ago, when the news of his death broke.

My heart goes out to his wife, (also an MD who has commented on this page) family and friends.

XO Erin Elizabeth

Thanks to everyone who kept this story in the news. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of Crimewatch’s special report, released hours ago.


Please take the time to watch both videos, as they put together a compelling story, even though they didn’t mention ALL the MDs in the last year who died mysteriously like Dr Marshall.


The Discovery Channel also has a report coming out soon that I was interviewed for. On it I discussed Dr Bradstreet’s death and ALL the doctors who have been found dead this past year.