CNN Breaking News: Feds Going Door To Door Collecting Urine Samples “Checking for ZIKA”

Officer at a persons front door
No, I’m not making this stuff up and yes writing it still shocks me.
Update: Mainstream media says officials are “knocking on hundreds of doors” in Tennessee as well (linked at the bottom in sources). And there’s more breaking news: they are now doing an AERIAL spraying of Miami and surrounding cities, of a harmful neurotoxin that Puerto Rico refused. A must read here and below.
Watch this video:

From CNN:

“For the Zika Virus “Local, state and federal health officials are  going door-to-door to ask residents for urine samples and other information in an effort to determine how many people may be infected Additional cases are anticipated.”

It is possible that someone could have Zika without knowing since 80% of those infected have no symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they can include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes, and they can last from a few days to about a week. There is currently no treatment or vaccine for Zika.”

So, the feds and other local authorities are going DOOR TO DOOR to private residences asking (demanding?) urine samples. What if a resident does not comply?  What else are they testing for? Would you comply? I can tell you right now I am not giving any local or federal agent my urine. If being arrested is the alternative, let them arrest me. I have nothing to hide, but no way would I submit to such a test if the feds showed up at my door. Some experts I’ve spoken with say they’re asking for urine under the guise of “Zika virus” when it is, in fact, for something much more sinister. This is very disturbing to me.

As CNN clearly states, the few people (there are 15 now) with the oh so scary (alleged!) Zika virus have NOT EVEN REQUIRED HOSPITALIZATION.
What’s funny to me is George Orwell’s book 1984, was off- I don’t mean that he wrote it a few year’s too early- I mean that I don’t think Orwell could have ever predicted things would become so maddening. Having read his book a few times I think it might be a walk in the park compared to the real 1984 we are beginning to endure.

If the door to door demand for urine samples continues, we might have to take a little vacation (I could use one) from our home in Florida.

I believe this is unprecedented. If anyone knows of another time the feds and local authorities went door to door asking for you to hand over your own urine, please let me know.

Welcome to 1984 x 2, my friends.
Source: CNN and WKRN

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  • Michael O Malloy

    no warrant no piss

  • J.R.

    “Some experts I’m speaking with are saying their asking for urine under
    the guise of “Zika virus” when it is, in fact, for something much more
    sinister. This is very disturbing to me.”

    Health “nut” is correct. The point being is you won’t accept any help or advice from anyone that you don’t like. If they’re checking urine samples now, there is a reason, which you have refused to even address in your post. Zika is a public health emergency (duh!) but your conspiracy reactionary idiotic bullshit is just your stupid taking over your brain and acting (spreading) foolish fears.

    You ma’m are a fucking idiot. There is nothing to fear as you say from peeing in a cup.

  • PetersGirl522

    The government is too big. Our kids are fuc*ed

  • J.R. is an idiot!

    Yea, trust your corrupt, lying, murdering government..Pfft! . J.R. you either are ignorant of history or a complete mental midget! Maybe you should run yourself and your children to the nearest CDC center and let them do whatever they wish…

  • Jonathan Richards,
    Your rude misogynistic post full of insults and dropping the F bomb and calling me an idiot speaks volumes. If you’d bothered to read the post I explain that the virus hasn’t hospitalized anyone. For someone who runs an alleged sustainable prepper site YOU are the one provoking fear of ZIKA which is so often no more than a flu. Hilarious that you trust your government given your listed profession. Ah I see my readers are already posting at the same time I am laughing at your post. Good luck with business and your rude out of line attitude. Come back when you learn how to actually argue and not just swear, insult and make a complete ass of yourself.

  • HollywoodDUMP

    You sir, just won the award of the biggest douche of the year. She clearly stated that it was because of the ZIKA virus. Erin what is his business? Never mind. I’ll go search for it myself.

  • HollywoodDUMP

    Wow looking at your posting history you are biggest douche of this entire decade. Do you get paid for harassing Erin or Dane or Alex Jones? Erin! what is his business?!!??!

  • Bacon Lover

    Hey lookie there, a Genuine Troll!!!

  • etyrnal

    invasion of privacy?

  • Jamie Marie

    I never listen to people who share their opinion but NOT their FACE! They’re just loud mouthed cowards! JR grow up!

  • EttaEarlene

    You are looking at a lot of scared people. I’m sure the officials are wringing their hands wondering what comes next. It wasn’t supposed to happen this soon. THEY have been saying how it will be OK to go to the games in Rio. That’s just what you should do in the beginning of an epidemic. (an epidemic is a smaller outbreak of a disease which they hope they will be able to contain. A “pandemic” is way, way, way beyond that. It can’t be kept to one area, one country. Take the LYME pandemic. Every country in the world, except Antarctica, has LYME. The GOV has tried to stay away from letting people know the US has a disease, in all 50 states, that can also be passed by sex, blood, Tick, flea, mosquito, in-utero and even by bite. 10’s of thousands already have this disease that they won’t admit is here, often spreading through whole families. And they aren’t sure how, they already know they can’t stop it! Now for Zika. THEY can’t hide it, not like THEY have Lyme. Babies are involved. Everyone has seen them on TV and online. The US has just had their first births of babies missing parts of their brains. THEY thought there would be a case here, a case there, not at all like “down there”. They have made it sound like a slight cold. It will blow over and the US will just wisk it away. They hadn’t expected the sex angle. Lives in sperm. Ebola does too. Lyme does too. All those corporations that have been so focused on the problems in the British and European countries have been believing the CDC and others that assured EVERYONE that it will be OK. HA HA HA Think for one minute. The citizens in Brazil “got Zika” from all the thousands that came for the World Soccer Games. Not as many as will be in Rio for the Olympic games. Those people, who either had Zika when they came, didn’t have a bad case of Zika(fever, flu-like symptoms,rash,red-eyes,etc.) and felt well enough to travel, OR were carriers. What puzzles me is this? Zika has been around since the 1940’s. It was a tropical disease. No mention of losing babies during pregnancy. No mention of dozens of deformed babies. No mention of the seemingly healthy babies showing blindness, deafness or both. Adults developing Guillain Barre syndrome (AKA Landry’s paralysis)that first acts like the weakness and paralysis of Polio but can totally incapacitate the patient leaving them in a death-like state, hooked to machines till they recover. If they recover. Some aren’t. I haven’t heard about children or young teens developing this condition so I can’t speak of it. I did hear, and see, adults who were struggling to breathe on their own. Who will need physical therapy for the present time. I saw some who will need therapy for a long, long time. And a few who will probably remain invalids permanently. You aren’t hearing about them, are you? LYME can leave people permanently paralysed, too. Especially Bell’s Palsy. (actor Harrison Ford has a rather tilted, crooked smile that women swoon over. A gift from Lyme disease. That is “Indiana Jones” to those who drew a blank) The Olympics. $$$$$. A cash cow to thousands of investors. We already know the locals don’t willingly go into the water because, “It makes us sick. We get sores all over our legs and feet. We try to wash off when we get out but the sores come anyway.” Some said they got terrible cramps and were so sick they thought they would die. That’s the same water Our “USA” athletes are going to be in. I am sorry for all the people from all the other countries that will become sick while down there. BUT I am only worried about the STUFF our citizens will bring back. Zika has advanced so quickly since the Soccer Games. Since over 4,000 women gave birth to “forever babies” Since THEY are going nuts over the cases in Florida that caught them unaware, how do you think it is going to be when everyone that went “down there” returns “up here”? It has THEM scared. Unless Lyme is treated in the first 30 days it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Sounds like Zika may do the same. THEY have to OK those in the Olympics. It’s all about money. What will the US be like in the 2 years “after” Rio. Watch the stock market. Investors will get antsy seeing the GOV has no idea how to stop something they don’t know HOW to stop! NOW I do have a “conspiracy theory” of my own. Without this disease being “changed”, how did an illness that wasn’t particularly bad go from “kind of bad” to a killer? Diseases do morph. BUT to change this drastically on its own? I don’t buy it. Those families with their “forever babies” will have to get government help. Some children will have mild impairment. What about the others? THEY have no way of proving Zike ever leaves the body. It may live in a woman’s reproductive organ’s. Like Lyme does. Stop worrying so much about your “pee”, see what lies beneath. THEY are desperate. Start worrying about those thousands of carriers that will come back to the US. If THEY have done so little for the Lyme disease already swarming through the US, just what do you think they will do about Zika? I saw in the news tonight that Colorado does not have Lyme disease. Tell that to their citizens that have it. WE the people of the United States of America must find the TRUTH about what is really happening. They can’t control it. In many ways THEY haven’t got a “clue.” Florida depends on “vacationers” for much of their income. Do you think any sane person, especially with kids, will come to Florida if Zika is really easy to “catch”? Money-Money-Money With the specter of Zika cutting into the State’s coffers for once THEY will really work to stop the spread of a disease. START WORRYING. Just not about your PEE. Good luck to all.

  • JUGrad

    I’m a Floridian. I don’t know a single person worried about Zika dude. Like we already know, it’s been around for near 80 years. Most people don’t get sick. It’s a non-issue . Those babies don’t have birth defects because of Zika, you can point to three other major contributors, Zika is just easier and more acceptable to blame.

  • John Q

    Interesting rant. At least what I read of it. I stopped reading when you proved you did not know what you were talking about by calling Antarctica a country. It is not a country, it is a continent. I did notice that you made your point by typing RANDOM words in all caps. That is always an effective way to get your point across. Speaking of points, did your rant have one?

  • Doc

    Say “NO!” and close the door. If they force their way in it becomes a legal matter you can make big bucks off of.

  • dfacts

    #1. Don’t answer the door.
    #2. Don’t answer any questions.
    #3. Put up “NO TRESPASSING SIGNS” on your property.
    #4. Call the police or sheriff if you are harassed.
    #5. Video record all events. Be sure to tell the agents that you are recording them.
    #6. Contact your lawyer, if need be.

  • MaryRC

    What else do they check urine for? Drugs, right? Don’t let them test your urine!

  • dfacts

    You are an azz! So you condone a Nazi -style DNA fishing expedition for an exaggerated, minor illness that is not scientifically justifiable? Bend over a little further, you stupid sheep!

  • dfacts

    Paid, no doubt, by your “caring” gubmint to placate the fears of the sheeple.

  • dfacts

    Don’t open the door! Period!

  • dfacts

    DNA for their data bank.

  • James Fenton III

    Don’t give a sample, there’s no telling what they will test your urine for. Without a warrant, or a state of emergency being declared, there’s no reason to take a test.
    Big Brother is at the door, and this is more than just a “Zika test”.

  • Mike Dymski

    What if you refuse? do you get a arrested? this seems so against your basic rights and in violation of your bill of rights

  • Mike Dymski

    No shes not a idiot you are, this is America ! same thing happened in Nazi Germany

  • Michael E. Dittes

    Not asking for urine, but my father remembered when neighbors of his were quarantined because one member of their family was sick with whooping cough…

  • LinusandSnoopy

    Don’t be paranoid. It’s volunteer. It’s reasonable to try to prevent Zika from getting a foothold here. Does everything have to be some fucking conspiracy? If you don’t want to give urine, don’t give it. It’s a free country. Sometimes I think Americans are so bored of life, it perks them up and gives them a rush to think some crazy conspiracy is happening. How exciting! Right?

  • LinusandSnoopy

    First person to actually make some sense. Why I ever agreed to sign up for this planet is beyond me. 🙁

  • nightshiftsucks

    Stand up,arm up.are you going to give your kids future up so easily ?

  • nightshiftsucks

    They tell you their is a Zika virus but is their really or is it as bad as they say ?Look at Clinton,with the emails now we know that the MSM is controlled,it’s propaganda.

  • Kajun Klown

    I would lead them to the sewer tank and tell them to get all the samples they want.

  • Denise S

    If this can harm A LOT of people and the one’s who have it, show NO symptoms then does anyone have a better solution on how to try and manage and control this? If so, maybe you should contact the FED’s and share your thoughts. Personally, I see no harm in giving a urine sample, if the true intent is help diffuse a national epidemic. I’m sure the FED’s would not wasting their time sending agents to collect urine samples merely to collect one’s DNA when there are many easier ways to obtain the DNA, if they haven’t already obtained it by now!!

  • As my fellow Floridians are stating on this page: Zika has been around for years. The people who have it (as CNN Pointed OUT) aren’t even hospitalized. They also state we Floridians are not scared if it, it’s another scare tactic and you can feel free to urinate for the government when they come to your door. I, on the other hand, will do no such thing under the guise of the “ooh so dangerous Zika” Please, do some research on the truth about Zika.

  • Jamie. lol. agreed. I left him up there because his post spoke volumes. He’s obviously not reading the responses or decided to quite while he’s ahead : )

  • Gretchen

    Don’t believe this for a moment. This is just fear mongering by CNN. The feds can barely do the jobs they are hired for, let alone something like this. If it is true, it is probably because these people were being experimented on by the government, and they are checking on the success of the experiment.

  • Jimi_B

    Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics. I had it now it’s gone.

  • Joel W

    I don’t care if they have one, they still ain’t gettin it from me

  • Jenny

    How is the government hiding Lyme? I think we all know it’s around!

  • Joel W

    1. Answer the door
    2. Tell them to go to hell
    3. Slam same door in face of whoever is asking
    4. Repeat as necessary.

  • John

    Throw some apple juice in their face. But let them assume it’s urine, at least for a moment.

  • I live here in Florida. It’s in local news, on the FLorida dept of health website and i have readers in the area where it’s happening. I’ve also added up top they are now going door to door in Tennessee as well and will provide link w video for that- though it’s unclear if in TN they are collecting urine or just scaring the P*ss out of people with packets about how dangerous zika is even though it’s been around for nearly 100 years. that we know of.

  • Cathy McMahan

    They, the feds have no jurisdiction to do so, so those who work for the people are asking the bosses “WE THE PEOPLE” to bow to our servants.

  • Pickle

    Not sure how much I believe this poorly written article.

  • Linda Renkowski

    This is interesting. I live in California and we had the City going door to door claiming they wanted to spray our fruit trees with pesticides for some foreign fruit fly outbreak. My gate is locked and they left a note stating they attempted to enter my yard but couldn’t. I called and asked what this was about and asked for more information.

    The next day there was another notice saying they tried again. I am guessing my calling prompted them to return. After that they never tried again. How can the city think they can just come into someones home and spray pesticides all over it.

    My yard is organic with a pond fish and frogs and I use lady bugs, praying matrices for pest control, it would have killed them. This makes me want to build a 10ft high wall with security cameras everywhere. I feel so violated.

  • HollywoodDUMP

    Dude. Most is from CNN. Hello. Watch the video with CNN tv where their doctor confirms it on tv. Think before you write.

  • HollywoodDUMP

    Can’t blame you man

  • Steve

    Tell them your urine has a price… about $1Million/ounce ought to do it, payable in advance.

  • David Earl

    Be careful, Ca. is no longer part of the U.S,A.

  • David Earl

    It kept me alive in Nam !

  • David Earl

    a teen ? , ask when he will be 12

  • David Earl

    I have a screen door, You bet I’ll give them some piss !

  • David Earl

    I have a screen door, You bet I’ll give them some piss !

  • Busexec

    On radio show Gun Talk today, an Alaskan called in. Member of a gun trust, whatever that is. Health and human service rep, supposedly came to his door, wanted to ask about mental health and other matters. He refused, another came back a month later, and a month later. A friend of his, also a gun guy, got the same thing, lived an hour away. First guy’sneighbors did not get a visit.

    Zik is another govt. hoax, probably other reasons for microe… in Brazil, which is getting the full treatment by the CIA fr joining BRICS.

  • Busexec

    You can get fired these days for posting politically incorrect opinions. So we can be more honest. Plus I don’t know how lol

  • Busexec

    remember the ebola hoax? Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • Kevin

    There is no way I’m giving them anything and I’m not voluntarily go to jail either

  • Jason Brown

    So prohibiting the murder of an unborn infant is considered unconstitutional due to the canned argument that “it’s my body”. But law enforcement can force blood or urine? Hypocrisy much?

  • Lee Reikert

    I’d give them some dog urine……just for grins.

  • Sam Oconnel

    Give them piss directly and let them try to wring it out of their uniform.

  • Lee Reikert

    Plus Big Pharma can develop a vaccine to force on everyone.

  • That’s my main question. What if you refuse?

  • So sorry. They cut all ours down here in Florida. I should write an article about that. They said it was some virus with the citrus and after destroying much of the state said- oops, it wasn’t a virus.

  • Pickle

    Yeah, I don’t really trust an article written by someone who doesn’t know the difference between their and they’re. There are more grammatical errors that someone who writes for a living should make. At least not an intelligent and reliable person anyway. It’s kind of like hearing someone say, “Y’all see dem whatchamacallits flyin’ round? Mussa been extra testicles comin’ ta get us.” Would you run for the hills after hearing that? Me neither.

  • guest

    There are no studies that confirm that Zika causes anything more than a benign illness. Read the Zika link at Jon Rapport: https://jonrappoport.wordpress(dot)com/category/zika/.

  • MRR

    Well if you check the source (I checked the local story in TN since I am in TN). They are not asking for urine samples. All they are doing is handing out pamphlets with information on how to control mosquitos. IT wasn’t Feds it was the local Health Department. This is one of the reasons I quit following Erin’s page. Too much drama and not enough real health info anymore. There is nothing in any story that says anything about urine samples. Erin needs to check her sources before posting this BS…

  • Ariel Nonofbusines

    Zika is not a virus. It’s all a farce!!. It’s the side effect of drinking water contaminated with Monsanto sprayed Pyriproxyfen poisons. Those Pyriproxyfen poisons were used against mosquitoes in Brazil and put in the drinking water. Non-corrupt Dr’s of Argentina found that the cause of the birth defect is a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes and also in babies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that if a little bug gets sick by a poison that if we have amounts of the same that we too will get sick. But so many stupid people fail to consider these obvious impacts. So they allowed them to add it to their drinking water in that area of Brazil in 2014. The claimed goal was to get rid of the mosquitoes – but just like consuming any other poison, it came with this side effect. Monsanto is desperate to spin a different story and is using their ownership of the media, Obama and Clinton’s to hide the truth. Its not a new virus. It is instead the side effects of Monsanto spraying their poison bug sprays there. US citizens who only watch television news – won’t hear that truthful story because Monsanto will do everything to block it. Plus, now they can demand 2 billion dollars on the basis of this false claimed disease. Republican’s know the truth and that is why they haven’t supported it. But as the media lies to citizens, the truth won’t get out. We don’t get the truthful story via media because Monsanto owns that media, controls Obama, and bought and paid for Clinton’s (heck – she is known as the Monsanto GMO queen -thanks to her arrogant misuse of Secretary of State authority where she spent a large amount of her focus on threatening any countries who refused Monsanto poisons in on their crops. Anyhow, in Brazil, all the sick people live where their poison Pyriproxyfen is used. But I find it also coincidential that it is also the same place where Mr. Depopulation – Bill Gates and his GMO mosquitoes were released via Oxitec. How is it that even in the Florida story (where thousands fought against – millions signed petitions against the GMO bugs all spring 2016 and yet govt still allowed Oxitec to release them there. That release of the bugs in late June is where people were just found to be sick and only 1-2 wks later. I don’t believe in coincidences. Plus, given the fact that no one in Florida has the need for bugs resistant to Dengue or Malaria; we can all be sure that those Gates bugs were far more likely to be of a nefarious purpose and more likely part of his goal of killing off a few billion people. Just google his talk on vaccines. Or look up his name and depopulation in You Tube. The video evidence is too much!! With Gates involved People need to wake up and vote out of get rid of every long term corrupt politician in every way possible. .

  • conk

    What a brain washed moron you are J.R. Dear God, wake up and smell the control agenda!

  • Jamie Marie

    Then maybe you should focus more on your JOB, since that is what you are being PAID for!