This week, federal charges were filed against Donald Greene Sr. and Donald Green Jr., of Chicago, IL. for allegedly selling body parts on the black market. Many of the people thought they were donating to science and in some instances, the parts had HIV, sepsis, and hepatitis and yet the people buying them did not know.

Some were sold for up to $100,000.

It’s been alleged that the Greene’s did this from 2008 to 2014 at the now closed Biological Resource Center of Illinois.

While it is not illegal, shockingly, to dismember and broker in body parts, it is illegal to sell remains that are positive for infectious disease.

“The federal document charging the Greene’s alleges the men sold to Detroit Medical Center’s sports medicine department at least one specimen that ‘had previously tested positive for hepatitis. This fact was concealed by Donald A. Greene Sr.’s scheme to defraud.'”1

Greene Sr. was charged with wire fraud while his son was charged with intentionally concealing a crime. (Authorities stumbled upon the Greene’s while they were investigating a Detroit body broker, Arthur Rathburn, who is now in federal prison.1)


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