Father-of-two claims his stage 4 cancer went into remission after switching to a strict animal-free diet and refusing other treatment


When father-of-two, Rob Mooberry was given weeks to live because of his stage 4 colorectal cancer (which had spread to his bowels, lymph nodes, and liver) he did what many people do; he had surgery and then did a round of chemo and radiation. But even after pumping all that poison into his body, it only garnered him an 8 percent chance at life.


And after that first round, he couldn’t imagine doing a second without first letting his body detox from all the chemicals:

“It was horrible. I had to take time off work, I had no energy, I felt sick. That kind of medicine puts so many chemicals in your body.” 1

So, he set about researching alternative therapies, including a popular treatment center in Tijuana, Mexico. However, it was too expensive so he decided to see if he could try their detox at home: he would cut out all acidity, sugar, meat, and dairy from his diet. What he was left with was an alkaline, raw vegan diet.


When he had his next scan in early 2013, his cancer had shrunk by almost 80 percent. When doctors asked him if he wanted to continue treatments, he declined. By 2014, there was no trace of his cancer.

“Now he is celebrating five years cancer-free, raising 20-month-old twins, and running a small cancer charity on the side of his bar-tending to help other sufferers afford pipe dreams – and his story has gone viral, after it was tweeted by country star Tim McGraw. 

Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Rob admitted he was slightly overwhelmed at being tipped as a vegan advocate. ‘I’m not standing on my soap box saying everyone needs to go plant-based and vegan,’ he insisted. ‘But if you’re going to ask me what worked for me, I’ll tell you: this diet.'”2

So how exactly did “healthy” Rob get colorectal cancer with no family history? Well, it seems that deaths from this type of cancer have rocketed among the under 55            (particularly white people) since the mid-2000s (for decades the most at-risk for colorectal cancer were African Americans and those over-55) and researchers are blaming the Standard American Diet (or SAD).

In fact, in July, the Cleveland Clinic compiled “evidence that fatty diets stimulate tumor growth by activating a molecular pathway that feeds abnormal cells.”3 We are what we eat, breathe, smoke, clean with…if you are going to put it on or in your body, make sure you know what it is. 

“While experts celebrated the progress to cut deaths among the black population, they admit they are baffled by the sharp rise in rates for white people, considering risk factors (such as obesity) have increased universally, as have preventative measures (such as screening).”4

Congratulations to Rob and his wife and kids.

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Wendy Allen

    Gluten may lower the immune system/nutrients absorb so cells are not made right to work right to burn oxygen/food/make ATP energy. Meat/dairy/soy/BPA/chemicals/fat/The Pill and more may make a person estrogen dominant due to hormones in them. Estrogen can block thyroid. Gluten may also lower the thyroid, by making antibodies to the thyroid which lowers oxygen burning. The people I know that went gluten free are still alive. Taking any foods that hurt are needed. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic…LDN…detoxing may help. Zn/fish oil/Vit C/Essiac/mushrooms/Mg and more may help the immune system. Animals maybe sick before slaughter…full of chemicals/hormones/lack of sunlight and exercise/high stress and more. Many Celiac people try vegetarian to feel better, not knowing what else to do. Chemo/radiation hurt fast growing cells of the gut lining in addition to gluten/GMO/antibiotics/Lyme etc. Chemo/radiation lower the immune system/hurt mitochondria (engines of the cells) and may help only 3% and those who survive may have changed their diet. Chemo/radiation hurt all cells…even healthy ones.

  • Commonsense

    Absolute bullshit read the disclaimer 2nd he stated in the original article that he switched to vegan diet after Chemo. So that tells us all that chemo worked and now hes a vegan.

  • Commonsense

    True but there is no real cure for cancer..Detoxing is another false positive your liver and kidneys detox us every day…

  • Catherine Edmends

    nope it wa the diet.. chemo has a 2.7% “chance” of ever working – it actually kills people not the cancer, and is carcinogenic itself. there are others that have cured themselves of this with no cut poison or burn “medicine”

  • Catherine Edmends

    yes they do but our bodies are so full of crap the organs need help by changing our diet to a natural one without processed foods – the body can then use the nutrients to heal. stop putting shit in your body and you won’t get sick

  • Wendy Allen

    You can hurt your liver/kidneys so they don’t work well. Gluten may hurt cells/organs. Some people don’t detox well on their own. Sweating is great help since it gives the kidneys/liver rest. Cancer people maybe hurt by gluten that lowers the immune system and nutrients absorb. Yes…have seen many cancer people heal and thrive due to natural help.