flat-stomach-get-thinGreat News!

Fasting for 3 Days

Scientists at the University of California have found that fasting (for as little as three days) can regenerate your entire immune system! This is great news as I’ve done a few fasts but always heard from the mainstream medicine how dangerous it was. Ha, how’s about them apples? (or no apples in this case)

I’ve tried the master cleanse several years ago and had amazing results. I then tried a juice fast at Optimum Health Institute but have to admit my adrenals were exhausted, I had Lyme which hadn’t been diagnosed yet (which was a year later through a blood test) and didn’t lose a pound. But now I’ve undergone treatment for Lyme and think I might try this myself. I always recommend consulting with a health professional (though the closed minded conventional doctors might roll your eyes, you might want to consult with an ND instead)

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