Famous Vegan Chef, Forks Over Knives writer, author, health expert kills wife...

Famous Vegan Chef, Forks Over Knives writer, author, health expert kills wife and kids on Christmas


On Christmas Day, Anthony Milan Ross, 45, a vegan chef and motivational speaker, was arrested just after 10 p.m. for the murder of his estranged wife Iris Ross, 38, his son Nigel, 11, and his 10-month-old daughter Anora at their Phoenix apartment.

Ross was charged with three counts of first-degree murder, multiple counts of aggravated assault and assault against a police officer.

He is being held without bail. There is currently no known motive for the killings.

The news is heartbreaking and so confusing because just hours earlier, he had posted a video on Facebook of his 11-year-old son smiling and singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”:

“Hey guys, I’m smiling and I’m hanging out with Nigel on Christmas Eve. We’re going to embarrass ourselves! We’re going to sing.” 1

In 2012, when Ross weighed over 500 pounds, his weight loss journey began. Upon becoming a vegan and losing 200 pounds he was featured in the documentary “Eating you Alive” with James Cameron and Samuel L. Jackson. He would go on to grace magazine covers and travel the country to speak at events. He even had a book coming out, “The Change,” which you could pre-order on his website, Full Flavor Vegan.

By all accounts, he was a happy man who loved his children (he and his wife were divorced earlier this year) and loved helping people live healthy lives.

And last month, Ross talked about his weight loss journey with local Phoenix station 12News, saying:

“My body feels much better. I’m in better shape at 45 than I ever was when I was skinny in my 20s.” 2

Anthony Milan Ross is accused of killing his former wife and two children on Christmas Day.  (Maricopa County Sheriffs Office)

The video below shows the upcoming successes and tv releases he had coming.

More news videos on Ross and an interview before he killed his family.

And the latest updated video below.

A status conference has been scheduled for the morning of January 3rd at Maricopa County Superior Court and a preliminary hearing scheduled for the morning of January 5th.

Our hearts are just breaking for the family of his estranged wife.

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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • rasil4u

    Not buying this. For some reason, I smell a rat. Now entire families are being murdered? Suspect as all the others. So saddened to have learned about this. I saw the headline a while back, but it never mentioned Forks Over Knives.

  • Dale

    I agree with rasil4u but only because of a deeper fear I have. That is what if these freaking cemtrails are doing more to some than others look at people walking down the streets in Calf. just shooting others, many cases. Or are they using sound and it affects the weaker minds. I know and so do all of you that we have been lied to on so many things and mostly on the spiritual side. We can come together and beat this these evils bast&r)s at their on game. I fear for Erin and her husband more than any one and even though it would mean shutting down for a short period of time I wish she would to let things cool. I don’t know, I wouldn’t but I been there before so I don’t fear for myself just others. Well Happy New Year. And I am always on this site

  • Mary

    We never know what could be going through any person’s mind, no matter who they are or who we perceive them to be.

    What comes immediately to mind though, is the question of whether he was on any psychotropic drug. In his mug shot, though not very clear, but also for the fact that he has blue eyes, his pupils appear dilated which is one adverse effect of psychotropic medications: dissociation. Granted, dissociation can happen due to emotions as a result of trauma. But being that he struggled with weight for so long he may have been using psychotropic medication to help him. Of course this is speculation, but not impossible. The answer to that can be easily verified.

    The adverse effects of psychotropic medications is anything but speculative, it is clinically proven for ALL of them. The scientific evidence of that fact is on every package insert in black and white ink and in the pharmaceutical clinical trial report files of the FDA.

    The most important aspect of this is that NO ONE can predict -no scientist, no psychiatrist, no doctor, no diagnostics- WHO will be adversely affected.

    Unfortunately, this question never appears to be on the minds of those responsible in hospitals and crime scenes. As two hospitals have confirmed to me, they do not question or report pharmaceutical side effects to the FDA. They have absolutely no procedure to either inquire nor to report the consequences of these psychotropics, much less investigate.

    Likewise and even because of that mindset, the police have no clue that the adverse effects of psychotropics which change the mind because that is their very chemical function, can turn a person into an unwilling murderer or suicide victim….. and those are just two behaviors. Behaviors such as stealing, violence and abuse, and many others are possible.

  • Wanda Walker

    Demon possessed. Evil. Hate becomes murder. Spiritual warfare.